Beers with the Band Featuring Swimming with Bears

By Kaylin Balderrama

Between Pop and Rock you’ll find the band, Swimming with Bears. After touring around the United States and making a few stops in Canada, the local Austin band found some time to sit down with BLEND and talk. Although only two out of four of the Swimming with Bears band members could attend Beers with the Band, we drank enough beer to make up for the missing members. Joe Perry, lead singer and bassist, and Jon Kerr, guitarist, met up with us at the Austin Beer Garden Brewery to get brewed and interviewed.

Pictures by Kaylin Balderrama and Kyle Decker

With the motto “Beer Makes It Better”, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company offers a variety of craft beer at their South Austin location. At ABGB you’ll find a big outdoor patio and a indoor stage with live music every Saturday. The events are just as good as the beer and you’ll find a mix of Austinites hanging out here throughout the week. BLEND sat down with Swimming with Bears in the outside beer garden and our camera guy had a slice of their delicious pizza. We made it just in time for their happy hour which is every Tuesday-Friday from 3-7 pm. Besides beer they also have wine and ciders which make for an endless selection of drinks to sip on.

Check out what Swimming with Bears had to say:

Video: Kyle Decker

Interview by: Kaylin Balderrama and Blair Fielder

Swimming with Bears recently released their new single “French Girls” which shows off Joe Perry’s unique voice and the bands overall pop-rock sound. In early June of 2017 the band opened for Weezer and Panic! At the Disco which helped launch their unique sound out into the Austin music scene attracting fans who want to dance. The four-man band consisting of Joe Perry, Alec Conte, Jon Kerr and Ryan Hannasch are currently recording new music but for now sit back, grab a drink or two and listen to them here.

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