BLEND goes to the FOMO Factory

There aren’t many museums out there where you can post, pose and play. In the heart of downtown Austin you’ll find a house with seven rooms known as the FOMO Factory. Many Austinites were skeptical of a museum made just for taking selfies but once you step inside, you’ll understand what all the hype is about.

By Kaylin Balderrama

The FOMO Factory is a pop-up shop that consists of multiple rooms full of toys, balloons, colorful walls, ball pits and swings. You’ll feel like a kid again as you make your way through the two-story house full of picture opportunities. Some of the themes throughout the FOMO Factory include vacation, school dance, playground, birthday and a gift shop. The gift shop has Snapple tea available to all guests and vegan ice cream is also served. In a society where Instagram has taken over the way we communicate to the outside world, the FOMO Factory is a brilliant play on our generations idea of fun.

Photos by Kaylin Balderrama

The FOMO Factory was supposed to leave Austin in October but has extended its stay until December 30th. Tickets are $23 and children under 12 are $15, click here to grab yours today!

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