BLEND's Top Things To Do in Austin on Halloween

By Nicole Mattox

  1. aUxYmORoNs Concert at Summit

    This band is giving a FREE concert on Halloween night for those who RSVP and download the app “Bidly”. This is a perfect activity for anyone who wants to put on their best costume and jam out with their friends.

  2. Edge Terrace

    There will be a rooftop Day of the Dead party at Edge Terrace. There will be live music and entertainment that is perfect for anyone looking for something fun to do on Halloween night. The band PDA will be performing for anyone who decided to dress up and show up! The bar will be serving drink specials for this spooky holiday.

  3. Haunted Austin

    For those of you who want something a little spookier to do on this holiday, try

    out the Austin ghost tour. You can ride in the haunted ATX hearse limousine and

    check out every haunted space in Austin. If you’re looking for something to do

    with your significant other, ask about the Ghostly Love Story package!

  4. Scream Hollow

    The Bastrop area has four haunted houses that are open from 7p.m- midnight!

    Anyone who is looking for a scare should definitely go look at these haunted

    houses! This is a great way to end your halloween season.

  5. Dead Celebrity Halloween Party

    Do you want an excuse to dress up as your favorite dead celebrity? This is the

    place for you! It’s a halloween party for the history buffs of the world. The top

    three costumes will win prizes so put together a great costume and come out!

Now that you know some options for Halloween go out, have fun and be safe!! There is

something to do for everyone, whether you like music, getting scared or dressing up.

Try out some of these fun Austin activities!