Five Life Hacks to Survive ACL

Any music lover in the Austin area’s favorite weekend is almost here! Here are BLEND’s top tips to make sure that you have a fun and safe weekend!

By Bailey Whelton


This is probably the most important thing to remember the entire weekend. It’s going to be a long and hot weekend, and you are going to want to run around the festival to listen to your favorite artists, but you have to remember to drink water. Either bring a Camelbak or a reusable water bottle, but don’t forget that H20!

2. Wear comfy shoes

This is a three day long event, where a majority of the time you are going to be either standing or walking around, now is not the time to wear those cute sneakers you just bought. Getting blisters halfway through the second day is going to make the last day miserable trust me!

3. Remember to eat before

For those who are trying to stay on a budget over ACL weekend one of the main things your money will go to is food at the food trucks. They are a little pricey, so grab some grub before you and your friends head over to the festival. Some cheap breakfast tacos will totally fill you up for a few hours before you start getting a little hungry!

4. Pick a meeting spot if you get lost

Going with a group of people can sometimes get a little bit complicated once you all enter the festival gates. Trying to stay in a group the entire time is going to be pretty much impossible because some people are going to want to see different artists than others. The most important thing to figure out is a meet-up spot after the performances are over, so that no one gets lost or if someone’s phone dies they can still catch up with the group!

5. Bring an extra battery for your phone

Besides staying hydrated, making sure you have more than 10% of battery left on your phone is also an important tip to remember. We all know taking pictures and videos with your friends, performances and food are going to be what sucks a lot of the battery life from your phone. Make sure you keep your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it, bring an extra battery pack because the charging stations are going to be PACKED, and lastly if you want to video a performance don’t use Snapchat because that will drain your battery just record it on your phone!

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