Beers with the Band: Night Cap

With a beer in hand the five man band, Night Cap, sat down with BLEND Magazine at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom to chat. The local Austin band was originally founded when Ryan King, guitarist and singer, and Alex Alfonso, bassist, met at the University of Texas at Austin. Jake Bomgaars, guitarist and singer, opened for the band at one of their shows in Austin and ended up joining the crew. Later Deryk Camazine, drummer, and Adrian Ayala, keyboardist, joined in to make what we know today at Night Cap. Although there are many rock bands hanging out in Austin, Night Cap stands out as more of an indie rock band with a twist of acoustic sounds and rock-and-roll vibes. Their music is independent and unique from other rock bands offering a mix of music you’ll want to dance, sing and party to.

By Kaylin Balderrama

Photos by Kaylin Balderrama and Kyle Decker

BLEND met up with Night Cap at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom which is one of the coolest places to grab a beer in Austin, Texas. The house that the bar now resides in was built in 1931 by German immigrants, Erhardt and Teresa Fruth. It was abandoned in the 1970s and became known as “the House on Hemphill” and “the House to get Weed at” (according to the Spider House website that is). In the mid 90’s Conrad Bejarno purchased the house and named it Spider House Cafe. Inside of Spider House there is a tattoo parlor, a ballroom, twinkling Christmas lights year round and old bathtubs with statues peeing into them. There are many rumors that Spider House is haunted and there is also a rumor that they have awesome beer…only one of those I can confirm at this time.

We talked music, favorite beers and how Night Cap came together. Check it out here:

Video by Kyle Decker

Night Cap has a debut EP out now called “Petals” which can be found on Spotify ( or their website ( The band is currently recording new music which will be released soon.