Beers with the Band featuring The Brevet

By Kaylin Balderrama

Although you’ll normally find The Brevet in California, the five-man band hit the road for their recent tour and made a stop in Austin for a show. The band’s first album was created after front-man Aric Chase Damm began writing scores for student films in college and discovered his love for music. The Brevet’s first record deal lead to two independent albums which lead to a CRAZY nine million streams on Spotify (I’m sure at that point they were like yeah…we need to make another album). With the success of their first two unofficial albums, their most recent album LEGS came to light. Standing for L(like) E(every) G(great) S(story), the album leads you through the success and failure of The Brevet throughout their time together. When I first listened to the band on Spotify (which you can do here) I immediately got Mumford and Sons vibes with a twist of rock. BLEND had the opportunity to grab some brews with the band before they performed at Mohawk in Austin that night.

Portraits of The Brevet by Kaylin Balderrama

We met us with the band at Lazarus Brewing Co which in my opinion, is one of THE coolest breweries in Austin. This was my first time ever coming here and I’m already dying to go back. Lazarus got it’s name from the idea that “our ancestors saw beer as a gift from God”. Taking this quote and building off of it, Lazarus aims to bring people together with the power of coffee, beer and tacos.

A bar is just a church where they serve beer
— Jim White

Photos by Kaylin Balderrama

The brewery consists of two rooms (which both have garage doors that are open to walk between) and an outdoor area with tables. The room with the bar has an amazing deer head covered in dog tags that will defiantly make it onto your Instagram story. Two of my favorite beers (that I’ve tried so far) was the 40 Days and 40 Nights and Prodigal Pils. On Sunday they have Jazz music playing so we apologize for the loud noise in the background but really… we don’t because that Jazz music was so good.

Check out our Austin editor Blair Fielder interview The Brevet here:

Video by Kyle Decker

For more information on Lazarus check out their website here and to see what The Brevet is doing click here.

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