BLEND goes to the Brevet Concert

By Blair Fielder

On October 21st, The Brevet played their recently released album LEGS at Mohawk, making their presence known in Austin that they are a band to see live. The album stands for ““L”ike “E”very “G”reat “S”tory, and the inspiration came from the band’s time touring and growing on the road.

Frontman Aric Chase Damm explains, “Our band has been through an evolution these last couple years. We absolutely love the writing and recording process, but somewhere along the way, our focus shifted more towards touring and performing live, and the music we were creating just naturally started to reflect that energy.”


The highlight of the show was the hit “Moving Mountains,” which had the entire crowd participating in the soulful chorus, bringing the song to life. The Brevet’s ability to inject energy into their music gave their performance a special authenticity that is hard to achieve in the time of autotune and over-produced records. Their gritty, Americana sound is reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, but the band’s California roots give them a more laid-back sound. The concert concluded with “So Long,” one of the hits off of LEGS, as the audience clapped and sang along.

The Brevet is based out of California and got their start making music for film and television. You can find their music on all streaming services, and more information about the band can be found at