BLEND hangs out at Miracle on 5th Street

We know that you go to bars year round, buy it’s Christmas time so let’s drink the right way…which is out of Santa mugs with pumpkin pie flavored vodka drinks.

By Kaylin Balderrama

Photos by Alec Marshman

When you first walk into Miracle on 5th Street, a bar located in Downtown Austin, you feel like a kid again, a drunk and very very jolly kid that is. The ceiling is lined with presents, you can take shots off of a ski at the ski lounge themed room, all of the drinks are Christmas themed and lights are strung all over the place. The two story bar is a pop-up bar is only open until December 29th from 4 pm to 2 am pretty much everyday. Guests are highly encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters, or Christmas PJs to get in the Christmas spirit.

The bar at Miracle on 5th is just as festive as the holiday-themed drinks.

The bar at Miracle on 5th is just as festive as the holiday-themed drinks.

When the BLEND staff first arrived we had to chose between naughty or nice shots (we chose naughty) which was very similar to fireball. At first glance the drink menu seemed to consist of an odd mixture of holiday themed drinks that you wouldn’t think would go together but as soon as we took our first sips it was clear that they were thought out and seriously delicious. Certain drinks came in Christmas themed glasses which were all available for purchase and varied in price all staying around $12-$14. A lot of people in the bar were dressed in plaid PJs or sweaters and took turns sitting in the giant Santa chair they had in the ski lodge themed room.


Miracle on 5th Street should be on everyone’s to-do list for the holidays, so grab some friends and go get festive.

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