Soccer Mommy Concert Recap

Amidst the sea of Carhart beanies in the  inescapable 35 degree chill, Soccer Mommy brought the heat to Mohawk’s outdoor stage for a sold-out show February 8th.

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Soccer Mommy will be performing at Coachella this year.

Soccer Mommy will be performing at Coachella this year.

Soccer Mommy, the indie-pop band fronted by cool-girl Sophie Allison, brought a fresh realness to the stage with a no-frills  performance giving Austinites a taste of what’s to come from the band’s Coachella set this April. Due to the band’s spot on this year’s Coachella bill, this tour is likely to be the last time fans have the chance to experience the band in a more intimate venue making this concert truly a special one. Playing feminist fueled songs that resonate with anyone who’s been in love, Soccer Mommy’s setlist had the crowd singing along for an overall “chill, but kinda sad” night, in the words of Allison herself.  The Austin show was part of a larger tour promoting Soccer Mommy’s highly acclaimed album Clean, earning the band spots in Rolling Stone and Billboard’s top albums of 2018 lists.


Allison’s vocals and style took center stage as she pulled off pigtails, Balenciaga sneakers, and a hot pink guitar while rocking out. The set started with “Henry” off of For Young Hearts (2016) which set the laid-back tone for the show. Between Allison’s personal anecdotes about her mom listening to her on the radio to her frequent stops to warm her hands on the space heater, made the performance more transparent than most concerts, allowing fans an inner look into the band’s psyche.

After performing fan-favorites like “Your Dog” and “Last Girl,” the band took a break giving Allison a chance to take the stage alone for somber cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”. Let’s just say I wasn’t crying, you were. Regardless of the emotions Soccer Mommy made me feel, I left the concert empowered and ready to take on the patriarchy. Singing that I don’t want to be anyone’s fucking dog with a sold-out venue full of people is something that I highly recommend to anyone who has the chance, and I would like to personally thank Soccer Mommy for inspiring these sentiments in young women. Who would’ve thought that a band with a name that sounds like a suburban man’s dream was the progressive feminist rock group we all needed? That’s why we will be playing Soccer Mommy on repeat for days. 10/10.