Local Creatives Highlight: Caitlin Rounds

Austin is a city packed full of creatives. Photographers, models, writers, musicians, fashion bloggers, visionaries. One of my favorite things is getting to know the souls that make up our beautiful city, and these men and women are such a big part of it. BLEND is about exactly what the name says, blending together all of the amazing parts of Austin. I want to do this through connecting artists and creatives of all forms and highlighting my favorites each month!

By Judith Carroll

Photography by Karla Bruciaga


Caitlin Rounds is a 20 year old student, photographer, and QUEEN currently attending the University of Texas. We love a queen! She is the woman doing it all. Caitlin is currently involved in Spark Magazine, a student run fashion publication at UT, ORANGE Magazine (also a student run publication at UT), photographs for SHED Barber and Supply, along with other brands and products. On top of all that, she even runs her own personal brand and photography business, Caitlin Rounds Photography and Design. She is a well-rounded visual artist with an interest in working with brands and high fashion. I sat down with Caitlin to ask her a few questions about life for her as a creative.

J: What advice would you give to other photographers trying to get their career started?

C: “Try to shoot something every day. Even if you’re just photographing the wall, get out and do it. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. And try to make an effort to push yourself to collaborate with others. Accept that other people are a part of your process. Instagram is a good tool to use to take the anxiety out of working with new people on your projects.”

Caitlin recently decided to make her photography and design business a full time gig and from the looks of things, she’s doing amazing! There are always ups and downs and some months are more lucrative than others, but she’s always pushing to work on new projects and ideas.

J: What social media platform brings you the most business?

C: “Instagram. Staying up to date with Insta algorithms, constant engagement, and daily posting.”

I can vouch for this! I’ve met and been able to connect with so many people through Instagram. You can definitely use it to your advantage when networking and building your personal brand.


J: What brings you the most fulfillment out of all the different types of creative work you do?

C: “Creating content for brands and products and working on my personal portfolio!”

Sounds impressive right? I know. Just wait until you see what she can do when she gets behind the camera. Here are some of Caitlin's favorite projects to date.

Shoot title: Synthetics

Hair and Makeup done by: Bekah Heidel and Mariam Ali, styling by Maya Halabi.

Models: D’Mariel Jones, Lindsay Gallagher, Maggie Deaver, Gabe Perez


Caitlin had something wonderful to say about this shoot and it says a lot about the creative process and learning how to perfect your craft.

“This project is all about minimalism - a concept i’ve been afraid to explore as i feared it would make my work boring. for a long time i was convinced that i needed props or cool locations to make my work interesting. with this mentality i became reliant on these tools. i wanted to create something unlike my other shoots without my usual setup. just a plain backdrop, a muted color palette, plain clothing, minimal makeup and minimal props. this was my result.”

Shoot title: Motel

Styled and Modeled by: Gabriela Garza and Mike Melinoe

Left: Karla Bruciaga, Right: Judith Carroll

Left: Karla Bruciaga, Right: Judith Carroll

If you didn’t know, now you know! This talented woman always has new projects and upcoming events. Get tickets to her next studio-warehouse meet-up here! As I said, BLEND is all about working together and having fun doing it, so thank you to the other woman behind the camera, Karla Bruciaga! Remember to always support your local creatives and engage with them, as they are some of the most beautiful moving parts that make up a most beautiful city.