How to Get your S**t Together According to Your Zodiac Sign

I know what you’re thinking…another Zodiac sign article? But I don’t even believe in Zodiac signs?! What even are they? What does it mean when people say I’m being such a Libra?

Don’t overthink it…just know that whatever star sign you were born under there are some things you could be working on (except pisces because they are perfect) (just kidding I’m just a pisces and am feeling myself). Check out some advice we have for you below:


By Kaylin Balderrama (a pisces).


(January 20- February 18)

Ahhh Aquarius you’re born shy and quiet but underneath it all you’ re extremely independent. Here’s some things you could work on:

  1. You HATE being lonely which can lead you to hang out with the wrong people because you simply like their company. Be careful not to rush into relationships just because you want someone who is there for you. Because you’re a super deep thinker and original person, you’ll get so much more out of a relationship if you take the time to wait for someone who actually gets you on a deeper level.

  2. Because you’re an air sign, you tend to think a lot. Like A LOT. This can be awesome like the fact that you’re a good problem solver but this can also hold you back a lot. Instead of overthinking every step you take, try and be a little more go with the flow. If you make no expectations up in your head, you won’t ever be disappointed. You tend to be disappointed when situations don’t go how you thought they would so just stop thinking so much!!

  3. Some people would describe you as cold or insensitive but this is just a defense mechanism you use to run from emotional expression. Emotions and telling people how you feel is really scary for you, especially if you don’t trust that person. If a person has hurt you once in the past, you tend to hyper focus on that situation and let it bring you down. You need to either be more open to emotional expression and telling people how you feel or LET THAT S**T GO.


(February 19- March 20)

Pisces are free floating individuals (because they are a water sign) and they tend to be artistic, compassionate and gentle. Butttt…

  1. Because pisces are fish in real life, they like to swim from thing to thing quickly and go with the flow of the water. You tend to feel easily trapped in situations that don’t necessarily mean you’ re trapped such a relationships, jobs, school and your life in general. Instead of stressing about being stuck in an imaginary box, see these things in your life as doors to opportunities because…they are. duh.

  2. You are a major daydreamer. Like you’ll be listening to music and suddenly find yourself daydreaming about random stuff in your life. Being a dreamer is an awesome quality but remember that there is a difference between being a dreamer and being an escapist. You tend to play the victim in situations where you don’t want to handle the things actually going on. Pisces minds are at peace when they are compassionate and caring to those around them but hey…we all f**k up sometimes. If you find yourself in a situation where you are in the wrong, own up to it and be careful not to make yourself the victim in order to escape the hurt you’re feeling inside.

  3. You enjoy being alone and low key enjoy being in your feels (like if a Pisces is sad they will purposely watch a sad movie to make themselves sadder). You can sometimes isolate yourself in order to get alone time and clear your head which can make your life a lot harder. You are either really social or really isolated, so find a balance before you push everyone away and find yourself completely alone.


    (March 21-April 19)

People look at you and think wow…that person is energetic, confident and a real go-getter. You’re a fast-paced person who are very goal-driven. Here’s some things you can work on:

  1. You hate being inactive and any kind of delays in your life. Patience is key for an Aries because you can be easily irritated by things that aren’t moving at your pace. The world needs people like you who are go-getters, but you have to keep in mind that not everyone is going to be as fast-moving as you.

  2. You can get easily frustrated and can be a litttlllee moody. Some Aries may find themselves more aggressive than other signs and impulsive. Because you’re so into a fast-paced lifestyle you may not think about the things you’re doing fully before you do them. Be impulsive when it’s appropriate but take a little more time to think and process so you don’t get frustrated so easily.

  3. Because you are so active all the time, you tend to burn the candle at both ends. Make sure you take the time to actually chill every once in a while so you don’t get too stressed out. It’s okay to say no to things and opportunities. Throw on some Netflix and lay around.


(April 20- May 20)

The Taurus is a very reliable, patient and practical sign. You aren’t materialistic or fake in anyway, in fact people see you as super genuine. Here are some thing’s to consider:

  1. Because you’re so practical sometimes you miss out on the fun in indulging. When it comes to money, time and people you want everything to be organized and thought-out. It’s okay to let loose every once in a while and spend on things you don’t necessarily neeeeed.

  2. Change is something that really stresses you out…like majorly. Look Taurus, life is full of change whether you like it or not. If you don’t learn to accept that change is inevitable you’re going to find yourself with stress and anxiety through the ROOF.

  3. Although you’re kind and genuine, you can be stubborn and uncompromising about certain issues. Because you’re so practical you can be confused about other people who aren’t as grounded as you (earth sign probs). Remember that other signs are more free-flowing compared to you, they can help you from being toooooo grounded!


(May 21- June 20)

You are so gentle and adaptable, being an air sign means you are happy to go wherever the wind blows you but being this free-spirited can be an issue for you sometimes:

  1. Because you’re an air sign you love the freedom that life brings you. You’re up for an adventure and instead of running from change you embrace it. One thing you need to be careful of is your ability to feel easily confined. Not everything in your life is out to get you and tie you down…you need to make sure you balance structure with freedom.

  2. Routine and repetition are SO boring to you and honestly we don’t blame you. Although the same-old can suck, it’s also a part of life. When you start to figure out a job, relationship and other things in life just remember that everyday freedom is a thing. You can have fun with a routine.

  3. Let’s be real, you tend to be nervous, inconsistent and indecisive about a lot of things in your life. Don’t let your nerves and brain get in the way!! What’s the worst thing that could happen? You’re a gemini you are way more adaptable than you think you are.


(June 21-July 22)

You are so imaginative and loyal, a lot of people think that you’re a great person inside and out. You love the arts and home-based hobbies…here’s how to get your s**t together:

  1. Because you’re so emotional you can easily be pessimistic and insecure. Feelings hit you like a ton of bricks. Because you’re so emotional you can sometimes be easily negative and insecure because you don’t want to open up. Cancer…you are AWESOME! Once you learn that vulnerability = strength you’ll find yourself much happier.

  2. You’re extremely loyal to your friends and family but when it comes to strangers you are highly suspicious. You envy people who seem to be able to start a conversation and friendship with anyone because for you that takes wayyy more work. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from human interaction. Not everyone is out to getcha.

  3. Revealing anything about yourself is super scary and people can describe you as super closed off or shy. You are actually one of the coolest signs there is (especially because you’re a water sign which makes you pretty adventurous). Revealing things about your personal life will lead to better friendships and relationships. No one can push you out of your comfort zone but you…so what are you waiting for?


(July 23- August 22)

You are very warm-hearted and cheerful. People think you’re very admirable and friendly. Here are some things you can work on:

  1. Because you’re a lion sometimes you can be a bit of a “King of the Jungle” type of person. You hate being ignored and being the center of attention can be empowering to you. Although you can thrive in life with this attitude, sometimes you can rub people the wrong way because you come across as too dominant or self-centered. Building your ego is very important to you so be careful of that!

  2. You secretly love it when people are obsessed with you…just admit it. You hate not being treated like a king or queen but not everyone is going to treat you like that. You need to accept the fact that as a lion you need to share the jungle. If you don’t keep this in mind you can come across as arrogant, stubborn or self-centered.

  3. Being flexible is hard for you because you like having a lion den to go hang out in when you’re stressed out. Change will happen and a Leo will be so much more powerful if they figure out how to be more flexible in their life when it comes to friends, relationships and jobs.


(August 23- September 22)

Virgos are earth signs which means they are extremely loyal, kind, hardworking and practical. Not only do Virgos stay grounded (because of that earth sign) but they also like to branch out every once in a while. Here are some things to work on:

  1. You are soft on the inside and hard on the outside, which makes people think you are cold or heartless sometimes. Be careful of your energy and the general vibe you give off because people can easily misread you and write you off as being rude. We know you’re not rude Virgos…you’re actually one of the sweetest signs.

  2. You tend to have more of an introverted personality which can make you really shy and overly critical of yourself. You need to learn to let loose and push yourself to do things in your everyday life that will help grow your confidence. You are super grounded which means you are not easily influenced by the opinions of others making your own opinion the thing that brings you insecurity. Get out of your own damn way and thrive!!

  3. You are super hardworking and will thrive in the workplace but sometimes that can mean your personal life suffers. You are practical and don’t tend to indulge in things that you don’t find necessary. Have fun and reward yourself every once in a while with a meal out, new clothes or something random you have always wanted. You deserve it.


(September 23- October 22)

Omg…you are so social and cooperative. Buuuuttttt…

  1. You are hella non-confrontational which can affect the way you handle friendships, relationships and well…life. Instead of confronting people you have an issue with you tend to just carry a grudge and then turn to self-pity. Don’t go down that road, try and muster up the confidence to confront people when you need to!

  2. Because you’re an air sign you tend to be very indecisive. This is okay sometimes but other times you need to figure out how to make a decision without totally stressing yourself out. Focusing on the end goal will help you make decisions easier and opening up to people about your worries works too.

  3. You are naturally a comfort zone person and once you find your group you normally tend to stick to it. Even though this makes you loyal, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while in order to keep growing or you will stay in the same place for a really really reallllyyy long time.


(October 23- November 21)

We all need a scorpio in our life because they are very resourceful and brave but they also drive us nuts….

  1. You are very distrusting and secretive which makes getting close to you harder than EVER. Scorpios you need to learn to open up a little more which will in turn make you relax and happier. Because you are a water sign you live to express emotion which is something that is really hard for you due to trust. Not everyone is out to hurt you, in fact a lot of people care about you but get pushed away…OPEN UP!

  2. You are so stubborn which can be cool sometimes but other times you need to learn to bend a bit. We get it you’re super smart and a lot of the times you’re right but you don’t need to be so stubborn about it!! Learn to mix compassion with your smart brain and you’ll be unstoppable.

  3. You can sometimes get stuck in your comfort zone and can close yourself off to opportunities make sure to constantly grow in order to continue living with passion, which is super important to you.


(November 22- December 21)

You have an awesome sense of humor and are super generous, here are some things you could work on:

  1. Because you like to please others and help others sometimes you can promise more than you can deliver which can get you in trouble. Make sure you know your limits!

  2. Because you are energetic and naturally a wanderer you tend to get impatient with people when they aren’t able to keep up with you. We love to you are so optimistic and enthusiastic about life but you need to make sure to look behind you every once in a while and check up on the other Zodiac signs!

  3. Freedom is the ONE thing you feel like you need in order to survive so if you ever feel like you don’t have that you will start to say things you don’t mean (because you totally speak your mind). If you feel like something is bothering you…speak up!! We want to hear what you have to say so figure out healthy ways to express yourself so we can chat.


(December 22- January 19)

Typical earth sign…you are so grounded and responsible. Air and water signs need someone like you to balance them out. Here are some things to work on:

  1. You are such a cool person but sometimes people think you’re kind of a know-it-all. Be careful not to be condescending to people around you…we know you’re a smarty-pants!

  2. When someone hurts you, it is not easy for you to forgive them. In fact you would rather not forgive someone then forgive them to deal with the pain that they caused you. Someone at some point is going to make you feel like s**t and once you learn to forgive them you will be a way happier person.

  3. You tend to expect the worst from situation because you can be a bit of a negative Nancy. At some point in your life you will hate almost everything because things easily make you mad. We know life can suck sometimes but remember to learn how to find the joy in other things you like such as quality craftsmanship, being popular and music.

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