Ted Bundy: 6 Most Shocking Moments

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Netflix came out with the docuseries “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” on the anniversary of Bundy’s execution, January 24, 2019. Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth were the journalists who gathered tapes with Bundy during his time on death row that are included in the series. Hearing Bundy actually speak was so captivating only because you can hear how charismatic he is and it blows my mind that a human could commit the crimes he did.  After watching the whole series, I decided some of the things that I learned from the episodes needed to be reflected on a little deeper. Here are a few things that stood out to me and that I have yet to get over:

By Lauren Castro

Photo from thedenverchannel.com

Photo from thedenverchannel.com

1. Escaping twice from prison

Uhh...right?! I feel like this isn’t talked about enough. Not only did he get out once, but TWICE. His first escape was from the Aspen Courthouse where he jumped two stories and wasn’t found until nearly 7 days later after his first escape. With blistered feet and weighing close to 25 pounds less, Bundy returned back to prison and in one of the tapes, laughed about his experience escaping. This recording only strengthened the argument that Bundy would show no remorse towards his crimes and in life in general. To hear him talk so candidly about his trial and what he has done is truly one of the craziest things I’ve heard in my life.

2. Training himself for jumping out the window

When showing clips of Bundy’s cell, Bundy himself explained how he came up with his escape plan. This man seriously prepared himself for his jump to escape. Super smart, but super crazy. Kind of makes you wonder what else he had going on through his head. He would jump off his bunk and onto the floor to brace his legs for impact and even mentally measured distances to and from the courthouse and to the mountains. He would run these distances IN HIS CELL to help prepare for his venture. He even practiced changing clothes efficiently. Again, as he talked about his plan, he didn’t seem to regret getting caught and laughed about it like he was just going for a jog and not trying to escape a death sentence.

3. Still committing crimes after he was caught the first time

I could not believe that even after being caught the first time, he continued to do the same crimes that got him in jail in the first place. After the second escape, the Florida State Chi Omega house was his first stop. Through this particular crime, Bundy was so careless and impulsive...almost like he wanted people to know it was him. Whatever his motives were, he seemed almost proud of his crimes in the way he talked.

Photo from reddit.com

Photo from reddit.com

4. He got married and had a child while on Death Row

First of all, who? Secondly, WHY? During his trial, Bundy “proposes” to Carole Ann Boone and the law required for the judge to legally see that as a marriage in the eyes of the court. Sorry girlie but we need to have higher standards than that. In regards to the baby, security guards allegedly turned the other way when Boone, Bundy’s wife at the time, would come visit. She gave birth to a daughter, Rose Bundy, and due to Bundy’s behavior, Boone stopped taking her daughter to see him when she was around 4 or 5 years old. There are many different theories as to why he wanted to get married and start a family, but the one mentioned the most is that he wanted to appeal to the emotional side of the jury in that he does have a family and hoped that it proved he had a heart. His family would somehow give him the human element he was wanting the court to see instead of this stone cold killer image he gives off.

5. The amount of people outside waiting for him to accept the death penalty

I wasn’t aware of the crowd the prison attracted the morning of Bundy’s execution but once watching the series, I was amazed. There were so many people surrounding the gates just to know firsthand when the deed was done. People were selling shirts pertaining to Bundy’s death, eating, drinking, and making jokes. Bundy seemed to have affected many lives with his crimes and he definitely drew in a crowd even until his last day.

Photo from thoughtco.com

Photo from thoughtco.com

6. When Bundy Took The Stand

Probably the most shocking moment of all. I will never forget this part. Bundy took the stand as his own attorney and cross-examined one of the policeman that arrived to the scene at the Florida State Chi Omega house. Not only is it weird for him to take the stand and question a witness but the questions he asked creeped me the hell out. He kept wanting details of the scene, almost like he was relishing in his crime and hearing others recount what it looked like. He asked the officer for a step-by-step recollection of the actions he took, what he observed as he examined one of the victims, and how the body was placed in as much detail as possible. I almost threw up. To make matters worse, he would smile at the most inappropriate times possible during his trial and it was just hard to watch.

Looking back on the docuseries, Bundy calculated every move and definitely had a particular motive for every move he made. One thing is for sure: Ted Bundy needs to be remembered as the serial killer he was, not looked upon as someone who is attractive that somehow ended up being a psycho. He used that very charm that is causing people today to question his innocence to KILL innocent people. Check out the series on Netflix but keep in mind that friends and family of the victims still mourn the deaths of their loved ones at the hands of Bundy.