Hippie Sabotage Sells Out Stubbs

If you asked anyone in the music community who the coolest brothers in the industry were, they would probably say Hippie Sabotage. Jeff and Kevin Saurer, the iconic EDM duo from California, have taken over the electronic community with various remixes and original songs made to make you want to dance. They are well known for working with artists such as Tove Love and Ellie Goulding but without these contributing artists Hippie Sabotage can stand their own ground. In Austin, Texas on Friday the two sold out Stubbs with fans of all ages ready to party.

By Kaylin Balderrama

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Hippie Sabotage from edm.com

Hippie Sabotage from edm.com

The mixture of people at Hippie Sabotage showed the sense of community they have among their listeners. Some of the fans at the concert were full on decked out in rave attire and others were simply in jeans and a t-shirt. Some DJs in the music community attract only hard-core EDM fans, but the mixture of people who enjoy Hippie Sabotage was refreshing. One thing that sets Hippie Sabotage apart from other EDM artists is their incorporation of singing and live instruments into their mixes. Most of the voices on their songs are sung by the brothers themselves which made the concert much more intimate than if they were just voiceovers.

They have over 600 million views on their song they produced with Tove Love which you can watch here:

There are fans who show up to concerts just to hear the music and then there are fans who show up to see their favorite artists perform that music. Hippie Sabotage is known for responding to their fans regularly on social media which makes them so much more relatable than other big artists, their fan base is truly supportive of the artists and seeing them perform.

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It’s only up from here for this DJ group who I’m secretly hoping will end up performing at Austin City Limits this year. To check out Hippie Sabotage look at their Instagram or Twitter here.