Oscar Watch: A Star is Born

“A Star is Born”, directed by Bradley Cooper, is a fun yet heart wrenching film. This is the fourth remake of “A Star is Born” which comes with a lot of pressure. The basic idea is that a big time star is on a downward spiral and brings an underdog into the spotlight. The underdog’s career takes off and the big star has issues that continue to drag him down. The fact that this is a remake, and not even the first remake, made me very cautious to see it, however, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie.

By Nicole Mattox

Let’s first talk about the soundtrack. The songs were originals. That absolutely added another layer to the emotional impact the audience has while watching. It was also a brilliant idea to record the songs live at venues such as Coachella. The live recording made their performance feel more real and I applaud Cooper for that idea. Lady Gaga is already well known for her ability to sing so it was not a surprise to hear her vocal range, but Bradley Cooper did pull out a great performance for not being a singer. He did seem a little less comfortable than his co-star, but he still sold the performance. You could feel their emotions while singing and the fact that the songs were not known beforehand helps their vulnerability to come across.

This movie has a run time of over two hours. Still within that amount of time, it feels almost stuffed. There were times where they could have let moments last slightly longer, but it is hard to fit everything involved in this film into one movie. That does not diminish the actors’ performances whatsoever, I am very impressed with the acting. Lady Gaga was astounding; I did not doubt her character once throughout the entire movie. I would say this is her biggest acting accomplishment so far and I would not be surprised if we saw more from her eventually. Bradley Cooper is already a well known actor, so it was not a surprise how well he handled this iconic role. Even for him though this was an incredible performance. He gave a beautiful portrayal of the struggles a superstar/addict face behind the spotlight of their career. The casting was spot on; watching Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga act together was mesmerizing. They have an undeniable chemistry on screen.

I am not surprised that this was nominated for Best Picture in the 2019 Oscars. I loved the cinematography and the whole movie was a perfect collaboration between all production departments. This is a film that appeals to everyone, whether you’re looking for a beautiful work of art or just a movie to keep you entertained for a couple hours. I would recommend taking the time to watch this one.