Cheap Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break is right around the corner (or upon us, for some of you). If you’re looking for a last-minute getaway that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. and are two great resources to find the cheapest airfare. Here at BLEND, we have a few recommendations.

By Kimberly Web

New Orleans,    Photo from Today Show

New Orleans, Photo from Today Show

New Orleans (cue the jazz music)!! The airfare is reasonable, and hotel pricing can be split among you and your friends. If you’re in the Austin area like me, you could even drive there and have a road trip in your Spring Break plans. The culture is unique, and the night life is exciting and fun. With great live music, Bourbon Street and delicious food around every corner, it’s an ideal destination.

You saw this one coming...but for good reason. South Padre Island in our own Texas is insanely affordable (hotels offer deals for less than $100 a night...even some for $40). You can get your tan on, swim in the ocean, and party on the beach. That exceeds expectations for a good Spring Break in my book.

Daytona Beach may not be Florida’s party central (Miami), BUT it is much cheaper to spend a vacation in. With 20 miles of beachfront and nice weather in March, there is a lot of room for you and your friends to have an awesome and entertaining time; this location attracts thousands of beachgoers every Spring Break!

If you want to be closer to that Miami scene...Fort Lauderdale isn’t far off. It’s a little more expensive, but totally doable- especially if you are splitting hotel costs with friends. Now, this place has a reputation for being be prepared for all the craziness if this is where you decided to head. It might be the most fun you have all year...if you can remember it.

Myrtle Beach,    Photo from Reserve Direct

Myrtle Beach, Photo from Reserve Direct

If you’re looking for a party scene on a white sand beach, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is your new destination. With live DJs, amusement parks, and super cheap hotel prices, this place could be a recipe for a memorable week.

Viva La...Atlantic City?? Those of you looking for that casino night life might be inclined to break the bank by staying in need! In this New Jersey destination, you’re near water, have tons of gambling options at your fingertips at a much less stressful cost. is currently cheaper to fly to Vegas from Texas than it is to fly to Vegas isn’t totally ruled out (slot machine sounds).

Port A is famous for Spring Break, too. With affordable hotels and plenty of beach parties, it’d be pretty hard not to have fun (without buyers’ remorse). However, there are also families are attracted to this area, so remember to be respectful and mindful of that (as you should be anywhere, anyway).

Don’t forget...our very own Austin, Texas has SXSW going on till Friday. With countless expos, concerts, and festivals, you will not be bored if you stay home this year.

Have fun Spring Breakin, friends!