Come Party with Townwave and BLEND Media

I know us Austinites like to listen to good music, meet new people, and party for free! Well, we’ve got a great opportunity for you coming up on March 7th. We’ll be throwing a FREE pre-SXSW unofficial SXSW event with TownWave. Now let’s get some background on TownWave and what it’s all about.

By Judy Carroll


TownWave is changing the music app scene in a big way. It allows local musicians to reach local listeners and the two can actually interact with each other. This is the coolest part because as a musician, you can gain feedback from listeners in your area on what they do or don’t like about your music. This is a really positive and fun way to get to know your audience and grow as an artist.

Dalton Dellsperger, the creator of the app, wanted to create a fresh platform where independent artists can thrive! As he puts it,

“It is difficult for musicians to break through in this content-saturated industry unless they have financial backing, a record deal/label involvement, a marketing degree, or they go viral. Soundcloud itself has over 12 hours of audio uploaded every minute, imagine trying to break through that amount of music as an indie artist. Musicians who have their music on Spotify and other retailers can struggle making a return on their investment. There are a ton of costs that go into creating music as an independent artist.”

Dalton wanted to find a way to solve this problem, so he created TownWave. Let’s break down the app. For musicians, once they upload their music to the app, it is immediately available to be discovered by listeners nearby who are interested in that genre of music. Once an artist grows past the “local buzz” stage, they can then use the Surge tool in the app. This can pinpoint specific cities and make their music available to listeners in that area as well, thus targeting their growth based off location. This is honestly genius because it gives the artist an opportunity to see the data that corresponds with listener interaction in specific cities.


Now for listeners using the app, they create an account, select their preferred genres of music, and immediately the app provides them with local artists in the area who fit the genres they chose. Using the social network built into the app, listeners can choose to follow and interact with the artists. Now I absolutely love this because there are so many local Austin bands I would love to be able to actually chat with about their music. If while listening, you want to expand past local music, you can change your location and tap into local communities across the country. The best part? It’s 100% free to listen!

Just like our party! Free entry as long as you download the app (also free), create a profile, and you’re ready to party. The party will be taking place on the second floor of the 512 bar, and is first come, first serve. There is a 200 people capacity limit so be sure to get there early and secure your spot. Come get wavy with us and let’s get this month of free shows started!

Click here for the TownWave website.