Swells Visit Hopscotch with BLEND

Name two things more Austin than music and art. Well we mixed those two things together and had such a fun time! We were joined by SWELLS at Hopscotch: Light & Sound to talk about their new music and to have some fun at this interactive art exhibit, check it out!

Written & Photographed by Bailey Whelton

BLEND Video by Kyle Decker

SWELLS are currently on tour right now promoting their new music, but they released a new single called, ‘Lights Out’. As they describe the song, “[it] was inspired by wanting to rewrite wrongs and calling someone out on their bullshit,” they said, “it has an underlying theme of revenge.” To listen to their new single you can find it on their Spotify here (we HIGHLY recommend).

Before they left on their tour, they sat down and talked to us about the new tour, new music, and new places they are visting:

Can you talk a little bit about the new music you guys are going to be coming out with?

Our new music is kind of like eating Whataburger while traveling on a spaceship in outer space. There’s lots of new colors & sounds & vibes on our new record. We pushed our creative boundaries & tried to get outside of our box. It’s also just fun music that you can dance to and lose yourself in. 

What kind of sound is this new album going to have?

It’s a bit edgier than our previous music. Our sound is music you can dance to or just chill out and listen to. It’s upbeat and fun but also vibey and dreamy.

What song are you most excited for your fans to hear?

Besides Lights Out…I’d say Ramen. It’s about eating ramen on a Sunday and was inspired by our favorite spot - Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

Any places you haven’t been to yet that you are going to?

CANADA. We’ve never been and we can’t wait. I might never come back.

Any old places that you are excited to see again?

Seattle. It was our favorite show on our last tour because the audience was so dope & the energy of the show was amazing.  I’m also always excited to be back in New York & Portland .

What are you looking forward to the most about touring this time around?

Playing new music for fresh ears, and hopefully seeing some familiar faces from our last tour. 

Prior to leaving, SWELLS hung out at Hopscotch with Editor-In-Chief, Kaylin Balderrama and some other BLEND members to check out the gallery. Hopscotch focused more on light-and-sound-based pieces, that require interaction with each and every piece. They wanted to stand a part from other interactive art pop-ups because they wanted their guests to take something away from the pieces. Even though the exhibit is no longer here in Austin, DON’T worry because they will be opening a gallery to stay in San Antonio in the falll of 2019.


They are currently traveling across North America, BUT, they will be in Austin on May 10th!! Grab your tickets here to see them perform at Emo’s here in Austin!