Local Creatives Highlight: Indoor Creature

May; a month of new growth, more sun, and BLEND’s next Local Creative Highlight! This month’s highlight focuses on the band Indoor Creature, an up-and-coming pop fusion band, local to Austin, Tx. As they settle into the middle of their spring tour, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite things about them and why I think they’re a band you’ll be seeing on the top charts in no time.

Written by Judy Carroll

I met them for an interview at one of their houses and was told to just follow the house where you hear the music coming from and walk on in. As I arrived inside, they were having an all-out jam session in their house practice space and it was an absolute delight. Their laid-back attitude had me immediately excited to find out more.

Photographed by Karla Bruciaga

Photographed by Karla Bruciaga

Indoor Creature is an independent band made up of Caleb Fleischer (Vocals, Keyboard, Synth, and Saxophone), Travis Kitchen (Drums and Guitar), Marcus Bell (Bass and Vocals), and Terrence Kiser (Guitar and Vocals/Writing). For tour, these guys are rockin’ it old school with a road trip and airbnb's. Back on the home-front though, since they’re so intertwined in the local Austin music scene, I wanted to find out which other local bands inspire them. They like The Irons (a band that played their tour kick off show), and SMiiLE, a band Caleb says he’s been to more shows as a fanboy than anything else. The camaraderie in the Austin music scene is definitely unmatched. One of the band members is also now rooming with The Irons, a band they would consider to be a sister band.

Photographed by Judy Carroll

Photographed by Judy Carroll

What music inspires and influences you?

Travis: “90% of what i listen to is Steely Dan or Steely Dan adjacent.”

Caleb: “Travis came in with the steely dan virus and infected the whole band, I did not listen to Steely Dan before I met him.”

Seriously, Steely Dan, how haven’t you sponsored these guys yet?

Terrence: “A primary influence would also be jazz. For us, a lot of the inspiration is in terms of chord progression especially. Jazz in general inspires us more so than any specific artist, we aspire to play like the musicians we look up to. This is the reason I like Smiile so much, because they're presenting a level of musicianship I aspire to achieve”

Their inspiration stays so true to music itself and I find this to be so pure. Terrence talked a lot about how pushing each other to learn new jazz standards brings a lot of inspiration that helps create thoughtful, intelligent music. Caleb also reminisces about his childhood introduction to the saxophone. His father wanted him to play the clarinet, but his brother quickly intervened, telling him the saxophone was the obvious choice for him, and that Caleb would thank him later. Well, we thank him too. The sax adds such a beautiful, fresh component that keeps the music entertaining and allows it to hold so much depth.


What do you get the most out of being a musician and the lifestyle that comes along with that?

Caleb: “I appreciate the different perspectives. I’ve been writing music since I was a kid and since I’ve been with these guys, I’ve had ideas I would have never thought of and have learned so much. Like Travis, he’s got his own library of music that influenced him so seeing another perspective like his really expands my horizons.

Travis: “For me there is no other option. This is the only thing I work on when I’m not at my job so I see this as my future.

Terrence: “The greatest thing about playing with these guys has been the learning experience and gaining all of these different perspectives. Just learning to cooperate is f*cking awesome and it feels so good”

Marcus talked about how he gained confidence and really came into his own through being in the band and this is something really special that happens in the music industry. Not only through working with other musicians, but putting your own thoughts and feelings into a piece of music can really allow you to truly feel and see them where you may not have seen them before.


Easily the best thing I learned about these guys was that before they performed as a band, early members would do comedy skits on stage while performing with full entrance and exit pieces. At one point, they had someone on stage making waffles for the entirety of the performance. Now that’s an artists mind in motion if I’ve ever seen it.

The bands goals are to eventually end up in the festival circuit and to stay true as an independent band. They have such a fresh sound, but that is totally unique to them. Each song is its own adventure in the world of Indoor Creature. I can’t wait to see what touring and travel do for the sound and how it influences each one of them. Check them out on spotify here.