Best Apps To Edit Those Instagram Pics You’ve Been Wanting to Post

As I was researching what apps social media influencers used , I found a few helpful tips that I’ve since started using. A lot of students I know already have these apps, but some people aren’t aware of how to utilize the app to its fullest potential. Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be the best at editing photos! I just want to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned over my love for taking pictures and messing with them!!

By Lauren Castro


I KNOW I’m not the only follower when it comes to new and trendy editing apps. Huji is the newest one that has been featured on most of your old high school friends accounts. Ever wonder how people got the light leaks as well as the date on the side of their photos? This is the one. I have no complaints concerning this app, but I recommend taking the picture through the app rather than uploading a photo on the app. I find that it looks better when you use the app to take the picture and the light leaks come out the best! Here are a few of my favorites:



The Holy Grail. Everyone needs this app. Some of the most desirable features include a brightness meter, option to add grain to your picture, and some of the best filters I’ve ever seen. VSCO is one of the easiest editing apps I’ve ever used as well as one of the coolest. On top of editing features, there is a social aspect to the app. With a spin on Instagram, VSCO allows users to post their pictures, follow friends and artists, as well as favorite or repost other work. You can also make a journal of your work to keep certain pictures grouped together. I love it so much. Here are a few photos I’ve edited using the app:


I won’t try to flex on this one and will be straight up with you guys. I just bought this app to try it out because I was curious. I had this app for SO LONG when I was younger and swore by it. Since those 16- year-old years, I grew up and moved on to VSCO. I thought it may be time to investigate again. First things first, it was $2.99. Was it worth it? Yes. The app has a pretty large selection of filters and include some of the same features that VSCO does such as grain, contrast, vignette, and more. The app is user friendly and didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it which is always plus when using editing apps.

Photo from

Photo from

Snapchat (Crazy, I know.)

One of my favorite ways to add a cute little something something is using Snapchat. What I do is open the app and go straight to memories. At the very top, swipe left until you’re at your camera roll pictures. After editing the photo using another app like VSCO or Afterlight, pick the photo you want to spice up. Hold the photo down and then a menu will pop up. Choose “edit photo” and proceed to the turning paper icon. Next step is all on you. I love using little emojis and varying their sizes throughout the picture like in the left photo.

Presets from Influencers

Presets seem to be the new and trendy thing amongst the social media world. Big influencers and YouTubers have begun to create their own brand and with that has come presets. Presets are basically a pack or bundle of filters made by any given person that most fits their ~vibe~ or aesthetic.

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard is a YouTuber and owns her own clothing line. You can find her presets on for $75 a pack. I have never bought presets from an influencer but it is so tempting. If you’re a big editing girl, you may want to look into it. Aspyn is known for having a very light and bright aesthetic so if you’re into that kind of thing, this preset pack is perfect for you. To use these presets, you must have Lightroom as well.

A peak at her Instagram feed to get an idea of her style:

Photo from

Photo from

Indy Blue

For those of you not familiar with Indy Blue, it’s hard to explain who she is but I’ll do my best. She is one of those social media influencers who makes videos of their trips that look like action movies to make it short. Her Instagram is very inspiring and if my life is at least half as interesting as hers, I wouldn’t be mad. Anyways, her feed is the absolute best and I’m obsessed with it. I was interested to see what her take on editing was and found that she uses an Adobe app feature with VSCO filters. Along with that, her and her best friend created a preset pack that you can find on for $75 when searching for INDY X TRISTEN preset pack.

Here’s a look at the four presets included:

Photo from

Photo from

Hailey Devine

Hailey Devine is another YouTuber who has hopped on the preset trend as well. Hailey and her husband are YouTubers and videographers who have some of the cutest photos I’ve ever seen on her Instagram. They’re all about family, happiness, and adventure and it definitely shows through her shots. She has three different preset options to choose from ranging from $15 - $179 that include photo presets as well as video presets.

Here’s a look at her feed to get an idea of her style:

Photo from

Photo from