What's the Hype with Vision Boards?

Vision boards—also known as dream boards—are all the rage right now. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and wondering ‘what’s the point?’. Recently, I decided to research them in order to understand all the hype. I created my own and hung it above my desk. Now, I am a firm believer in the power of vision boards.

By Jennifer Meseck

Photo from blog.closetomyheart.com

Photo from blog.closetomyheart.com

So… what is a vision board? A vision board is a tool that you can use to gain clarity in life. It is used to help you concentrate and manifest your desires. Typically, creating a vision board involves cutting out images that represent what you want in life and placing them on a board. It can be one board or multiple for different areas of life. It also can include words, images, or both. For mine, I used an old corkboard and collaged my pictures on that. I got the images from some magazines I read in high school. The pictures you choose should somehow remind you of a goal of yours. For example, if you hope to travel more, you should include pictures of people on the beach or doing adventurous things.

The whole point is to attract what you want out of life. You should place the board somewhere that you know you’ll have to see it every day. This will allow for consistency. Every morning I look at my board because it’s above my desk. It serves as a reminder to bring about what I want out of my life. When I look at it, I think about how I’m going to achieve these things. I contemplate what I should be accepting and what I should be denying in different areas of my life.

If I desire to work out more, then consistently seeing images referring to working out will begin to manifest in my head. I will have intent and remember my goals as I’m doing things during the day; furthermore, I can think to myself ‘is this going to help me get in shape?’ and change what I do so that I’m only bringing into my life things that will help me attract my desires.

Now, creating a vision board is not about slapping some pictures on to a board that somewhat relate to your goals and calling it a day. It’s meant to help your narrow down your desires. You are looking at what you want and coming to a realization of what’s most important to you. When you look at the board, you should feel a connection.

Photo from amazer.me

Photo from amazer.me

Additionally, it will help keep you focused on attaining these goals. If I am reminded every day of my desire to work out, then when I wake up early to work out, I won’t question why I’m doing it. I’ll get up and get busy making my goals a reality. By focusing on what you want to get out of life, you’ll think less about the difficulties. You’ll begin thinking more about what you want and how to get it.

Vision boards are great tools for utilizing the law of attraction. It’s the idea that our attitudes and ideals attract the means by which we can live out those attitudes and ideals. By using the board to remind yourself what you want, you will zone into your true self. Consistently, you’ll remind yourself of these goals and eventually will bring in the right circumstances to live out your desires.

My vision board has helped me to cut out negativity, radiate more positivity, and be a boss babe by taking control of my life. There’s no telling what it can do for you, too. Time to get crafty!