Why We Love Cardi B

Whether you remember her name from her days on “Love and Hip-hop NY”, or you learned about her when her smash hit “Bodak Yellow” was on the rise, we can all agree that Cardi B is a force to be reckoned with. Since coming into the spotlight, she has appeared as a guest on many popular talk shows, has had 5 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs Chart at the same time, and was also the recipient of the 2019 Grammy for Best Rap Album of the year—which has never been won by a woman before. With all the hype surrounding her music, there are still many other reasons as to why we love Cardi B outside of her amazing career. Here is a quick rundown of why we are obsessed with the star that is known as Cardi B:

By Jennifer Meseck

She’s Authentic

It’s a known fact that after a while of basking in the celebrity lifestyle, many people appear to have changed. We can see a difference in how they act which can cause us to infer that the fame has gone to their head; however, Cardi B has been in the spotlight for a good amount of time now and is seemingly the same person as she was before. No matter the question, she always says what’s on her mind. She’s open about her opinions and doesn’t hide behind a mask of what she thinks others want from her. Honestly, she comes off like the kind of friend who is always going to tell you like it is. The way she speaks and tweets shows that she will not put up a front or change for anything —which is why we stan Cardi B.

Photo from the AV Club

Photo from the AV Club

She cares about her fans

Cardi tries very hard to maintain a connection to her fans. If you take the time to scroll through her twitter, you can see exactly that. She’s constantly retweeting fans who talk about her music, and quote tweeting people who make comments or ask questions. Again, her authenticity plays a huge role in this such that the way she responds to her fans is so obviously true to her as a person. She never comes off as if she’s trying to please anyone. Rather, it almost seems like she’s tweeting to her fans the exact same way she talks. She says exactly what she thinks in the moment and types exactly how she talks normally. By doing this, it shows she cares that her fans know she is personally taking the time to respond to them and acknowledge their thoughts.

Photo from YouTube

Photo from YouTube

She’s the underdog

Until I heard her personal story, I had no idea that she had experienced so many hardships. She doesn’t act like a victim. Cardi holds herself so highly and continues to see herself on the rise. I’m not going to go into extreme detail on this matter because I truly believe it can only be given true justice by hearing what she says directly on the matter—which she does do in a couple video interviews.

However, I will give a simple run through of her life from what I’ve heard. She grew up in the Bronx, eventually lived with an abusive boyfriend, and later escaped him by making enough money through stripping. Now, she’s here, and if that doesn’t give you enough reason to admire and respect her, then I’m not sure what will. Anyone who can go through hell and back while still refusing to view themselves as a victim deserves our respect and understanding.

She’s Relatable

As we’ve stated previously, she’s an authentic underdog who cares about her fans, but I think these all fit in to one overarching category—relatability. Cardi B is relatable. So many celebrities come off as perfect people, but Cardi isn’t afraid to appear vulnerable and different. Her openness about her past helps so many people to relate and understand her as a person. She’s comfortable being dorky and saying whatever made up word comes to her mind. We love her for that! People relate to being goofy, and Cardi B shows us that not all celebrities act in a similar manner. She is paving her own individual way which allows us to relate to her on a more personal level.

Cardi B is a queen who has continued to grow and “make money moves” all while remaining true to herself. Throughout her career, she has used only her musical ability and true natural persona to grow an image for herself. I think that that is admirable in and of itself. We love Cardi B, and if you didn’t love her before, then hopefully after reading this you do!