How to Have Your Own Marvel Marathon

As a huge Marvel nerd myself, I have taken the liberty of making a list of the chronological order of the MCU films and provided a guide to watching them. Get your binge-watch on; we’re in the Endgame now. *Possible Spoilers ahead*

By Kimberly Webb


  • Bold: MUST watch

  • Italic: Eh, you can skip it

  • Underline: Nope, skip it


Captain America: The First Avenger (2 hours, 4 minutes)

  • He is one of the Big 6

  • Crucial to understanding his backstory and character

  • Isn’t TOO terrible on the eyes either

Captain Marvel (2 hours, 5 minutes)

  • She is necessary to defeating Thanos; need to understand her powers

Iron Man (2 hours, 6 minutes)

  • He is one of the Big 6

  • My personal favorite MCU film

  • Tony is the daddy of The Avengers; absolutely must understand his backstory

Iron Man 2 (2 hours, 6 minutes)

  • First appearance of Black Widow…don’t wanna miss that

  • Important of Tony Stark’s character development

The Incredible Hulk (1 hour, 52 minutes)

  • Terrible movie; not even the same actor

  • Don’t waste your time— we don’t count this movie as MCU

Thor (1 hour, 52 minutes)

  • He is one of the Big 6

  • Important to understand him and also Loki

The Avengers (2 hours, 23 minutes)

  • Um it’s an Avengers movie soooo yeah, pretty self explanatory

Iron Man 3 (2 hours, 11 minutes)

  • Eh, not super important to the Avengers plot

  • Just need to know that he:

    • Made some badass suits

    • Saved Pepper

    • Suffers severe anxiety and PTSD from the NY attack in the first Avengers movie

Thor: The Dark World (1 hour, 52 minutes)

  • Super boring tbh

  • Just more weird brother bonding between Thor and Loki

    • They have a complex relationship

Captain America: The Winder Soldier (2 hours, 16 minutes)

  • Introducing the badass Winder Soldier and shows Cap's biggest weakness

  • Basically an Avengers movie

Guardians of the Galaxy (2 hours, 2 minutes)

  • Important to understand Gamora

  • Starlord is awesome

  • Great soundtrack

  • But…they’re pretty much all dusted soooo

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2 hours, 17 minutes)

  • Plot is stupid

  • Visual effects are dope as fuck

  • Baby Groot is adorable

  • All you need to know is:

    • Starlord is super powerful and half-celestial being

    • He has to kill his own father

    • He is super in love with Gamora

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2 hours, 21 minutes)

  • All of the Big 6 are in it…duh

  • Creation of Vision

  • Introduces Scarlet Witch

Ant-Man (1 hour, 57 minutes)

  • He is important in Endgame, but it is more crucial to watch the second one because it focuses on the Quantum Realm

  • It’s also funny; Scott Lang is hilarious

Captain America: Civil War ((2 hours, 27 minutes)

  • One of the best MCU films

  • Shows a huge relationship change between all of the Avengers

Black Panther (2 hours, 14 minutes)

  • Pretty cool movie

  • Michael B. Jordan. Nuff said.

  • Not very relevant to the plot of Endgame

  • Need to know:

    • Wakanda has hella vibranium

    • T’Challa is badass

    • Bucky was in Wakanda rehabilitating with medical assistance

Spider-man Homecoming (2 hours, 13 minutes)

  • Peter Parker is adorable and pure

  • Aunt May?? MILF

  • He’s dusted soooo no need to watch unless you have time

  • Need to know:

    • Peter and Tony have a mentor relationship

    • Peter looks up to Tony and Tony loves Peter

Doctor Strange (1 hour, 55 minutes)

  • He can manipulate matter with magic; it’s trippy as fuck

  • He is very powerful and had an Infinity stone

  • Not really important to see for Endgame, though

Thor: Ragnarok (2 hours, 10 minutes)

  • Thor’s development is important

  • Loki becomes a better hero, and less of a villain.

  • Leads right into Infinity War

  • Need to know:

    • Thor’s hammer is destroyed

    • He finds new power in himself

Ant-Man and The Wasp (2 hours, 5 minutes)

  • Important science that will play a role in how they will defeat Thanos

  • Leads right into Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War (2 hours, 40 minutes)

  • Duh.

Go out and get your ticket for the Avengers: Endgame movie coming out April 26th!! EVERYONE is going to be talking about it and we don’t want the movie to get spoiled for you!