Coffee Shops you HAVE to go to in Austin

By Mallory Beck

Photos by Maggie Knight

Mozarts Coffee Roasters


Mon-Thurs 7am – 12am

Fri 7am - 1am
Sat 8am - 1am

Sun 8am -12am

Work Environment? Oh for sure

Food? Lots of sweet, bready goodies but also sandwiches, fruit and smoothies

Parking? Lots

Fav drink? Mozart’s Mocha special if you need to be warmed up, Mochacino if you’re sweatin’

Mozarts is an Austin classic, and for good reason! The best thing about Mozarts is its beautiful environment for group studying, reading alone, first dates, 176th dates and all sorts of stuff. With wooden picnic style tables, and nothing too special in decor, the environment is overcome with natural beauty. A ton of little nooks and crannies on the deck overlooking the Colorado River make it so that no matter where you sit, you have a really enjoyable, serene view. Mozarts even has live music some nights and a really impressive Christmas light show during the holidays.

Flat Track

Hours? 7am - 7pm

Work Environment? Not really

Food? Pastries

Parking? Like 4 spots out front, so if you’re #5, you’re on your own

Fav Drink? Horchata- they’ve got their own yummy recipe

Flat Track is one of Austin’s most unique locations. Half coffee shop, half bicycle shop, the smell of tire rubber mixes surprisingly well with coffee. Flat track is great because it gives off this overwhelming feeling of naturalness. The decor is reminiscent of a brown burlap sack in that inviting, rustic way. You get the feeling like you could wear your pajamas (or your biker shorts) and no one will look at you. From conversation with the baristas and enjoying the busy atmosphere, you get a feeling like everyone here is best friends. In a lot of other coffee shops, people keep to themselves and do their own thing, but here, there’s a sense of community. Like if you come back, the barista will say “hi again!”

Epoch Coffee (@ park tower)

Hours? 6:30 am - 9pm

Work Environment? Could be, yeah

Food? A few pastries

Parking? A bitch

Fav Drink? Iced Mojo

This location has that industrial, clean, metal feel with a side of plants. It’s artistic and comfortable in an open brightly-lit way. It doesn’t have that dim cushy cozy feel where you might accidentally fall asleep. It feels like a place where you can charge up to be ready to take on the day. Besides the Iced Mojo which is Epoch Coffee’s sweet, yummy specialty, the menu here caters to straightforward coffee drinkers. The menu is simple and coffee-centric, nothing to distract too much from the delicious energy-giving brew. You can feel that everyone in here’s a coffee lover.

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden


Sat 7am - 12 am

Sun-Fri 7am - 1am

Work Environment? You won’t get any work done

Food? Food trucks in connected yard

Parking? Plenty

Fav Drink? Frozen Boozy Coffee

This place is cool af. Please plan a hangout with your friends here. It’s got this urban hipster farm vibe. It’s a wide brimmed hat and long skirt kind of place. With a big open yard next to food trucks, you can come here for coffee, drinks and foodies. Or a combo of all three. RIght now they’ve got this fall, festive pumpkin patch thing going on, and cute little families can go and sit on pumpkins to take pictures. They’ve also got this cool little pond surrounded by plants, and I can’t not mention their chicken coop, complete with live chickens. The whole place is alive with social energy. It’s the perfect place for friends and family to have an evening together.

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

Hours? 7am - 8pm

Work Environment? Sure

Food? Small selection of pastries, tacos in the morning, sandwiches in the fridge

Parking? Residential street parking

Fav Drink? Cortado

Figure 8 was small and simple, but with quirky little details. The inside felt vintage in a realistic way. Like the mirror came from grandma’s mantlepiece and the little nick-nacks on the shelves were from her attic. A small outside patio, behind the building was reminiscent of someone’s backyard with the ac unit running and a motorcycle covered by a sheet. The vibe was friendly, as the baristas talked to the people at the bar casually. At Figure 8 you’ll find a simple and uncomplicated coffee menu. When I asked the barista the most popular drinks, he said “ Espresso shots and cortados. We do the hell out of those.” And I can attest that they do indeed do the hell out of them. The cortado was smooth and delicious.

Greater Goods Coffee Roasters

Hours? 6:30am - 7pm

Work Environment? If you take the word laptop literally

Food? A few pastries/ vegan goodies

Parking? A parking lot

Fav Drink? Bourbon Latte

One of these is not like the others. And it’s this one. The most distinctive feature of Greater Goods Coffee Roasters is the inside layout. The coffee making area is a square in the center of an open warehouse-like room, and benches line the outside facing the baristas on show in the center. There’s not a lot of table space, but people still were hard at work, mostly using their laps. It has a distinctly uncramped feeling with a small nook at the back that’s a little more private and cozy. The place is filled with natural light and has a sleek modern yet understated design. The space let’s the coffee speak for itself. Appreciating coffee is definitely important here. Connected to the shop is a training lab, where they have training sessions a few times a week on subjects like late art, roasting techniques and flavor tastings. Also something to note is they have quite a few vegan options.

Summer Moon (1st Street)


Sun 7am - 8pm

Mon-Fri 6am - 12am

Saturday 7am - 10pm

Work Environment? Heck yes

Food? Pastries

Parking? Parking lot

Fav Drink? Half Moon

This is the original location. Summer moon is the place for headphone wearing, test tomorrow cramming, don’t bother me workers. Despite the small room, it is optimized to have quite a bit of counter space. So Come with your laptop and squeeze in on a stool between two people. If you listen closely you can hear the buzz of caffeine and hard work radiating in the air. But if you need to get out of the house to get shit done, this is the place. And the coffee is delicious.



Sun 8am - 4pm

Mon-Fri 7am - 10pm

Sat 8am - 10pm

Work Environment? Yeah ish

Food? big food menu

Parking? Residential street parking

Fav Drink? House-made chai

Cenote is more than just a coffee shop. It’s also the perfect place for brunch, with a full breakfast and lunch menu.The first thing that strikes you is that the building itself is quite beautiful. The outside is green and lush and the inside is like an old beautiful victorian house, painted a calming blue and with shades of trees painted on the wall.  There’s a lot of seating inside and outside but no matter where you are, it feels relaxing and quaint. Kind of like a bed and breakfast.

Monkey Nest

Hours? 24 hours

Work Environment? Yes

Food? Pretty big food menu

Parking? Lots of parking space

Fav Drink? Chocolate Chimp


Here’s another good spot for hard workers. An important distinction is that Monkey Nest is better for group work than Summer Moon. Filled with tables stacked side by side, Monkey nest seems always full and busy. It’s got warm yellow light which is relaxing and cozy. The speakers are always playing Frank Sinatra or someone equally soothing. Another cute aspect of monkey nest is the art on their wall is all for sale. Go and check it out, and if you’re up for it, try the spicy monkey mocha which is exactly what it sounds like.



Sun 7am - 5pm

Mon-Fri 6:30am - 7pm

Sat 7am - 5pm

Work Environment? No

Food? Choose from like 2 croissants and a cinnamon roll

Parking? It’s bad

Fav Drink? Your trusty old cold brew


Houndstooth is a small, warm chill environment you can check out if you’re downtown. If you’re just looking for a place to enjoy a quick warm drink this winter in a nice environment, stop by here. Their menu is simple and the coffee is fair trade! It’s a really good place to meet someone in a fresh, friendly environment that’s not cramped like Starbucks can be.

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