No Badge? No Problem.

Sooo SXSW is about to happen like this Friday. How is it already almost mid-March? SXSW is one of the most unique festivals in the world because there’s literally so much going on. Whether it’s film, comedy, music, cool people speaking or video game exhibits there’s pretty much something for everyone. For those of you who don’t really get SXSW, you have to have a SXSW badge to get into a majority of the parties and events. So if you’re wanting to get in on the action somehow but you’re not wanting to spend a bunch of money on a badge, we got you covered!

By Kaylin Balderrama

  1. The Bumble Hive

    Where: Jo’s Coffee on 2nd Street

    When: 7 AM to 7 PM; March 8th, 12th and 15th

    What: Free breakfast tacos, mentoring sessions, cocktails, performances from various artists, PhotoBooth and lots of other fun things.

    You need: a bumble account

  2. BLEND & Friends and Allies Music Industry Mixer

    Where: Friends and Allies Brewing Company

    When: 6:30 PM; March 13th

    What: A mixer for people in town for SXSW or local to Austin who are in the music industry. All are welcome you just have to like beer. It is BYO Vinyl night and there will be drink specials. You may meet someone super cool who can hook you up in the future so come grab some brews and mingle!

    You need: to show up!!

  3. Pure Golden Hour by Michelob Golden Ultra

    Where: The Long Center

    When: Doors at 5 PM; March 10th

    What: This is gonna be a party y’all. Starting with a sunset meditation on the 10th there will be performances from Miguel, Bishop Briggs and Cautious Clay after you get your zen on. There will also be beer that will probably be Michelob (or so we’re guessing).

    You need: to RSVP and arrive early…this is gonna be a packed one. Also it’s 21+.

Photo from Qubuz

Photo from Qubuz

4. Capitol One House Day

Where: Antone’s Nightclub

When: 8 PM; Pretty much every night.

What: Not only is Bishop Briggs going to get everyone dancing here but you can also catch performances from Mt. Joy, CHVRCHES and so many other amazing artists here. Every night they open at 8 PM.

You need: RSVP. This RSVP is for Bishop Briggs but all others can be found in the same place. And as always arrive early, Antone’s isn’t huge. Also it’s 21+.

5. Domo Alley-Gato Tatsu-Ya Showcase

Where: Domo Alley-Gato Tatsu-Ya (the coolest new bar in Austin EVER).

When: Doors are at 5 PM; March 11th

What: If you haven’t checked this amazing bar out yet then this is your opportunity to. They have an awesome line-up of great bands, Japanese Curry, drinks and a very Instagramable area.

You need: to be at least 21.

Photo from a Taste of Koko

Photo from a Taste of Koko

6. International Women’s Day Celebration

Where: Palm Door

When: 2 PM- 10 PM; March 8th

What: If you were smart and registered for a SXSW Guest pass, you can get into this! Celebrate women on International Women’s Day. They will have different programming, art, music and films created by women for women. This sounds so cool so go join the party!

You need: a SXSW guest pass.

Photo from X

Photo from X

7. The Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake

Where: A giant stage at Lady Bird Lake

When: Various times on March 14th, 15th and 16th

What: Some amazing artists will be performing here and it is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! Some of the artists include X Ambassadors, Big Boi, Patty Griffin and more.

You need: to show up early to get a good spot…that’s it.

8. Parties at the Yeti Flagship

Where: Yeti Flagship Store on Congress

When: Starts at 2 PM on March 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th

What: A bunch of different things will be happening at the Yeti Flagship but the main thing to focus on is the performances. They will have musicians playing throughout each day with their bar open and Yeti store open. If you want to hang and enjoy the music somewhere away from downtown come hang out here.

You need: Nothing just show up!

Photo from Perkins and Will

Photo from Perkins and Will

9. Dr. Martens Party

Where: Container Bar on Rainey Street

When: Starting at 2PM-6PM; March 13th, 14th and 15th

What: Dr. Martens (on of my favorite shoes ever) is throwing a SXSW party three days in a row with some artists you’re not going to want to miss like Tierra Whack and Japanese Breakfast. They will also have a bar of course.

You need: To RSVP and be 21.

Photo from The Independent

Photo from The Independent

10. Game of Thrones “Bleed for the Throne”

Where: We don’t know yet

When: March 7th-March 9th

What: In honor of a new season of Game of Thrones coming out the show is partnering with the American Red Cross to throw an interactive exhibit that encourages guests to donate blood. Although you can go without donating blood the show says you will be “honored for your bravery” if you do and knowing SXSW that could mean anything. The exhibit should be amazing with things inspired by the show.

You need: to RSVP and decide if you’re donating blood or not. The event is 18+.

11. Facebook Art House

Where: The Native on 4th Street

When: March 9th-11th

What: Facebook is hosting some awesome events at their art house on 4h street that will include things such as screen printing, community dinners, live performances by artists such as Toro y Moi.

You need To RSVP and remember this is a first-come first-serve deal so get there early if you’re excited about something.

12. Tito’s Puppy Party

Where: Arlyn Studios

When: 1-6PM; March 9th (200 Academy Drive #140 Austin, TX 78704)

What: You read this right you can sip some Tito’s Vodka AND look at adoptable dogs. The Austin Humane Society will have pets available to play with and maybe take home. There will be musical performances from Octopus Project, SMiiLE and others. They also ask that you don’t bring your dog from home so just show other people pictures of your child until you get to go home and drunk cuddle.

You need: To arrive early and be at least 21.


13. ViceLand SkateLand

Where: 504 E 5th St, Austin @ Red River (Carmelo’s Lot)

When: 1-5PM (18+), 6-9PM (21+); 504 E 5th St, Austin @ Red River (Carmelo’s Lot)

What: ViceLand is KNOWN for having the most amazing parties at SXSW, last year they had baby goats and a DJ. This year they are transforming a parking lot into a roller rink and making it into a retro skating party! There will be on-site celebrity interviews and other fun things going on as well as the famous ViceLand bus.

You need: No RSVP! Just make sure to go when your age can and arrive early. Also wear something retro and cool!

14. BuzzFeed Presents: So Extra…Terrestrial

Where: Mohawk

When: 8PM-12AM; March 9th

What: You probably know BuzzFeed so you know this is gonna be interesting. There will be drinks, food and some stellar music at Mohawk. There are rumors that there will be a UFO that will be flying over head to swoop up everyone hanging out but we’re not sure. Also the drinks are free just saying.

You need: to be at least 21 and RSVP.

15. Media Temple & SODA Open House

Where: The Rustic Tap

When: 1 PM; March 11th

What: Media temple & SODA are hosting an open house for people to be able to mingle with some of the best media agencies in the world. Every hour they are giving out prizes, they will have a juice bar and smoothie bar, have cocktails, Texas bites and yard-sized beer pong.

You need: To RSVP here.

16. Waterloo Records Concert

Where: Waterloo Records

When: March 13th-15th

What: Waterloo comes through every year with amazing concerts in their parking lot. In the past they brought artists such as the Flaming Lips but in 2019 they have people such as The Chills and Bright Light Social Hour hitting their stage.

You need: There is no RSVP for this but getting in is a real pain in the a**. If you are dying to see someone here be ready to stand in line for a while, I’ve never seen a show here that isn’t packed.



Where: Barracuda

When: 11:30 AM-6:00PM; March16th

What: Do512 is known in Austin for giving us all the best info on what’s going on around town and this year they don’t need to tell us because they are the one’s throwing the best party! Starting pretty early at 11:30AM get ready to drink early, you don’t want to miss this hangout which will feature a bunch of artists and fun stuff going on.

You need: RSVP before you go and be 21!