5 Reasons You Should've been at Old Settler's Festival

Although I grew up in Austin for most of my life and felt like I was fully aware of all the amazing music festivals going on in the city, I had never been to Old Settler’s Festival. A few of my friends who had been in the previous years described it as “A chill music hang-out with a bunch of hippies on a farm or something in Texas” so you can see how I was excited to see what this festival was all about. Let’s just say I could list 100 reasons why you should be hanging out at Old Settler’s but here are just 5 reasons why.

By Kaylin Balderrama

Photographed by Karla Bruciaga

  1. It’s in Tillmon, TX which was an awesome change from busy ATX.

    I love Austin and the convenience of hanging out after a music festival downtown is amazing but the location of Old Settlers is a huge reason why I loved it. Passing through Lockhart on the way I stopped to grab some BBQ and embrace the quiet town before getting super lost on some country roads and eventually finding the fest. On the way there I had to swerve to avoid hitting a turtle that was crossing the road and also passed a super cool historical cemetery. When I left the festival there was no traffic at all and I even stopped again for BBQ on the way back downtown.

  2. It’s on a bunch of land so you can camp.

    There’s nothing better than being exhausted after a long day at a festival and being able to literally walk to your camp ground and pass out. Not only was the camp ground connected directly to the festival but it was also like a mini town back there. They had a wifi cafe, food trucks, bathrooms, showers and pretty much anything else you would need to have a good time.

  3. People were literally sitting in lawn chairs to watch the shows.

    That’s right no more jam-packed, I can’t breathe, this sweaty person is on me, I need to leave or I’m going to faint crowds at this festival. People everywhere had lawn chairs, you could say about 90% of the crowd was sitting. Not only did this make watching the shows so much more stressful because everyone could see, it also made the entire vibe of the festival relaxed.

  4. The music…the freaking music.

    I arrived at Old Settler’s not exactly sure what to expect from the music as I only knew a few artists but I am so grateful I got to experience the performers here. Some of my favorite performers were Brandi Carli, Wild Child, Wood & Wire and Los Legends.

  5. There were mini ponies and a bunch of other random amazing things.

    If you have kids and are wanting to make sure they are occupied at a festival, bring them to Old Settlers. When we first walked in we were approached by two miniature ponies walking around that kids could ride on. There was also an area for kids (or adults) to blow giant bubbles, shops all around, amazing food trucks, an area to get massages, a photo booth and even a wood-fire pizza place where they were literally chopping the wood at the festival.

Still having a hard time imagining what the fest is like? Check these out:

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