What We Really Think About Ariana Grande

It is no secret that Ariana Grande is one of the most influential artists of this generation. Her music has reached millions and topped charts. She is the first solo artist since the Beatles to take the top 3 spots on Billboard 100. However, she is no stranger to controversy. Recently people have been calling her out on some of the issues with her songs and the messages they convey. Being at this level in the industry comes with a lot of responsibility, has Ariana forgotten that?

By Kennedy Woodard

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Ariana is without a doubt an amazing singer with vocal cords made of actual gold, however, she seems to always be in the spotlight for saying something controversial or being involved in some kind of feud. Let’s start with the most recent hot water this tea queen has been brewed in. After Mac Miller’s death fans took to Ariana’s social media to attack and blame her for his death. I want to go ahead and say no one should be blamed for the death of another human being unless they murdered them. It is wrong and sick to think that Ariana could have caused this in anyway. However after the initial shock had died down and attention had been moved on from the pop singer, she’s back in the spotlight for tweeting at people and talking about Mac Miller, posting photos of them together on social media. This is a little strange to me because usually when grieving it is a private thing, but in this day and age social media is being used to exploit personal matters so I can’t entirely be upset with Ariana for this. Our own society perpetuates a culture that glorifies depression and grief by publicly showing it online. After all of this I thought maybe she will take time for herself. And then the song hit.

Thank u, nextwas released and people lost their minds. The song references specific people in it, one of them being the late rapper Malcolm. At first I was singing this song at the top of my lungs on my way to class., but the more I listened, the more i couldn’t shake the feeling of uneasiness with the entire atmosphere of the song. The fact that it came out right after the whole Pete engagement gate and the passing of Mac made me feel as though this is all for publicity. It is marketing at its terrifyingly best. Take tragedy and a highly publicized relationship break up, put them together and you have the perfect platform to sell some records. Although I do respect and admire the message of loving yourself at the end of the song, I have a problem with the circumstances and climate that it came out of.

After that, it seemed like Ariana was just pumping out music. Now with a new single, “7 Rings” and a new album she is seemingly back on her grind. Once again, she has sparked controversy with her song “7 Rings”. I listened once and liked it. Then I listened to it again and I can’t get the fact that the beats are stolen. Not only are these beats not hers, the entire image she is suddenly embracing is stolen. The music video parades tropes of R&B, hip-hop aesthetic as well as using black women as props to further feed off of the culture she is appropriating. She is profiting from the same ideas and music that the black community and artists originated and were never given the same platform or publicity she is getting. Don’t get me wrong, she is not the only artist who has done this. It is a problem with the environment America has created throughout history, but it certainly does not need someone as influential as her perpetuating it.

Ariana Grande is not a bad person or a villain, but she is certainly not perfect and has some significant things to learn and grow from. The Grammy feud just furthered my growing disdain for the ‘me, me me!’ aura about her. It is one thing to have a problem with the Grammy’s wanting to market like how you market ( greedy and off-putting) but it is another to publicly air the drama on Instagram. Is Ariana Grande a great artists who is simply being persecuted for doing nothing, or are her catchy lyrics and rhythmic beats distracting us from the real message she is sending?

Foreign Artists that Should be on Your Radar

If you want to get to know a country’s culture, listening to its music might get you about halfway there. How the people listen to music, where the genres originated from, what they sing about—it’s all very telling. So look up these artists, but also look up the lyrics, watch the music videos, listen to the instruments, let them lead you to other artists. Whatever you do, discover something new.  

By Mallory Beck

Photo from Billboard

Photo from Billboard

BTS (South Korea)

Korea has one of the biggest and most unique pop music scenes in the world. It’s called K-pop and there’s a whole world of it out there. Psy’s Gangnam Style may have introduced it to you, but K-pop is becoming more universal every day. The group BTS recently became the first K-pop group to receive a Billboard music award, and their most popular music video has 634 million views. So if not from me, you would have heard their name from someone soon. Check out their song “DNA”, and bring the views to 634 million and one.

Photo from Marie Claire

Photo from Marie Claire

Angèle (France)

France actually has a law that requires 40% of the music on the radio to be French. This supports French musical artists and keeps the French popular music scene thriving in a world where American pop music has a monopoly. Angèle is a popular French musical artist and my personal favorite on this list. She’s got some Billy Eilish vibes going on, and even though you probably have no idea what she’s saying, you just know the lyrics are beautiful and profound. Try her song “Tout Oublier” (“Forget Everything”) first, and then listen to that whole damn album.

Photo from Texas Public Radio

Photo from Texas Public Radio

Natalia Lafourcade (Mexico)

Music has a lot of meaning in Mexico—it’s connected deeply to celebration and dancing and family. To me, Natalia Lafourcade has a folksy, vintage sound that feels like eating cold fruit in the summer. Start with “Hasta la Raíz” (“To the Root”), if you haven’t heard of her already, and then go on a spree of discovering the great variety of music that Latin America has to offer.

Photo from Billboard

Photo from Billboard

Kenshi Yonezu (Japan)

Japanese culture is an exciting blend of things that has become super iconic. I think of Anime and Manga, street-wear, films, Pusheen, tech, the list goes on. Modern Japanese music integrates the western genres of rock and pop, but it also has a distinctly different sound. Kenshi Yonezu makes upbeat rock music (J-rock). He got popular from his song “Peace Sign,” which was the theme song for the popular anime My Hero Academia, but unless you like anime theme songs, I recommend listening to “Lemon” first.

Photo from BBC

Photo from BBC

Lewis Capaldi (Scotland)

We’re back into English-speaking territory. Us Americans know a lot of the top singers from other English-speaking countries because they show up on our top 40 too. However, you might not know Lewis Capaldi who is somewhat of a Scottish Sam Smith, if you will. Listen to “Someone You Loved” and try to hear his accent.

Photo from Billboard

Photo from Billboard

Dean Lewis (Australia)

Here’s another English-speaking artist that you might know from his song “Be Alright,” which is number 44 on Billboard’s top 100. But maybe you didn’t know his name or that he was from Australia. And you might not have heard any of his other songs, which is a shame because they’re good. A lot of them are overly sweet love songs, but sometimes that’s just what you want. Put him on a playlist with Ed Sheeran and name it “Romantic Sh*t.” Check out his newest song “7 Minutes”.

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Sido (Germany)

Honestly I had no idea what kind of music was topping the charts in Germany. Turns out German rap is a thing. A very popular thing. Sido is my favorite artist that I found, and I really liked the song “Tausend Tattoos,” but Capital Bra is an even more popular rapper there. His music doesn’t appeal to me, but it’s interesting to know what is making Germany’s top spot on Billboard.

Photo from Koffee

Photo from Koffee

Koffee (Jamaica)

Jamaican music obviously has a very iconic sound and vibe that comes from mixes of ska, R&B, jazz, and other genres. There’s a lot of history and tradition in reggae, and it has held a lot of messages over the years. We all know Bob Marley, but Koffee is an artist making waves in the modern Jamaican music scene. She’s only 18-years-old and her music sounds like a blend of hip-hop and reggae. Koffee could go on your next party playlist. Her song “Toast” makes you wanna get down.


It’s actually amazing to think that there is a whole world of music out there that will likely never reach our radio stations. Thank God we have the Internet.

Kaylin BalderramaComment
Where my Witches At?

You know them, the mysterious, all-too-troubled musicians who cast their spell on the world and made us all fall in love. Fleetwood Mac. I had the pleasure of watching them perform here in Austin, TX at the Frank Erwin Center on Saturday night. I’ve always been a fan of the band’s music and the show inspired me to find out more. Out of all of the drama, old and new relationships, and incredible music, here are three of my favorite tid-bits of their career ups and downs.

Written & Photographed By Judith Carroll

The Gold Dust Woman was gracing us with her voice just as the show was beginning.

The Gold Dust Woman was gracing us with her voice just as the show was beginning.

  1. Stevie Nicks (vocalist) and Lindsey Buckingham (former lead guitarist and vocalist), were romantically involved at the time when they joined the band as new members in 1975. They were not a part of the original crew and when they joined their relationship was already in turmoil, but they stayed together for the sake of the band. After many affairs and the stress of being in a sensational band together, the relationship didn’t last much longer.

  2. When Stevie Nicks joined the band, there was already a female vocalist, Christine McVie. During Nicks’ audition, existing crew members gave McVie the option to veto her if the two didn’t hit it off. Through the divorces, constant comings and goings of band members, and rock-star lifestyle, Nicks and Mcvie remained close. As the only two female members of the band, they stuck together when they could have easily been enemies and I LOVE this. They even bought matching apartments together after realizing that staying in the male member’s’ bachelor pad wasn’t for them. If that’s not friendship goals, I don’t know what is! They were each others comfort in a world of chaos and we love to see that female power and companionship.

  3. Their hit album Rumours, is really just a collaborative diary of all of the love and pain they experienced with each other. Various songs were written as letters of truth between the band members, making music out of the words they couldn’t say out loud. Perhaps one of Stevie Nicks most popular songs, “Dreams”, was written in response to a much angrier, “Second Hand News”, written by former lover, Lindsey Buckingham. The band knew through musical talent alone, they had something special. They stuck together the best they could for the sake of the music and I for one am one thankful fan.

Above is another scene of their enchanting show, taken using the HUJI app.

Above is another scene of their enchanting show, taken using the HUJI app.

Lastly I wanted to share some of the most special moments from their show. Dedicated to Christopher Cross, someone our eternal romantic Stevie Nicks says is her favorite artist of all time, she took a sweet moment and sang “Landslide”, a song she wrote herself. She also did a cover of “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, originally written by Neil Finn while he was a band member in Crowded House. Finn is now touring with Fleetwood Mac. They sang this song during the concert as a message of peace, love and coming together and the audience ran with it. We all put our modern equivalent of lighters in the air, (or phone flashlights), and sang along; it was absolutely beautiful and perfect for us Austinites. Fleetwood Mac? Yep, still got it.

Sources: www.uncut.co.uk

Soccer Mommy Concert Recap

Amidst the sea of Carhart beanies in the  inescapable 35 degree chill, Soccer Mommy brought the heat to Mohawk’s outdoor stage for a sold-out show February 8th.

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Soccer Mommy will be performing at Coachella this year.

Soccer Mommy will be performing at Coachella this year.

Soccer Mommy, the indie-pop band fronted by cool-girl Sophie Allison, brought a fresh realness to the stage with a no-frills  performance giving Austinites a taste of what’s to come from the band’s Coachella set this April. Due to the band’s spot on this year’s Coachella bill, this tour is likely to be the last time fans have the chance to experience the band in a more intimate venue making this concert truly a special one. Playing feminist fueled songs that resonate with anyone who’s been in love, Soccer Mommy’s setlist had the crowd singing along for an overall “chill, but kinda sad” night, in the words of Allison herself.  The Austin show was part of a larger tour promoting Soccer Mommy’s highly acclaimed album Clean, earning the band spots in Rolling Stone and Billboard’s top albums of 2018 lists.


Allison’s vocals and style took center stage as she pulled off pigtails, Balenciaga sneakers, and a hot pink guitar while rocking out. The set started with “Henry” off of For Young Hearts (2016) which set the laid-back tone for the show. Between Allison’s personal anecdotes about her mom listening to her on the radio to her frequent stops to warm her hands on the space heater, made the performance more transparent than most concerts, allowing fans an inner look into the band’s psyche.

After performing fan-favorites like “Your Dog” and “Last Girl,” the band took a break giving Allison a chance to take the stage alone for somber cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”. Let’s just say I wasn’t crying, you were. Regardless of the emotions Soccer Mommy made me feel, I left the concert empowered and ready to take on the patriarchy. Singing that I don’t want to be anyone’s fucking dog with a sold-out venue full of people is something that I highly recommend to anyone who has the chance, and I would like to personally thank Soccer Mommy for inspiring these sentiments in young women. Who would’ve thought that a band with a name that sounds like a suburban man’s dream was the progressive feminist rock group we all needed? That’s why we will be playing Soccer Mommy on repeat for days. 10/10.

Friday Night Jam Sesh with KONGOS & FITNESS

KONGOS and their opener, FITNESS, rocked out the Historic Scoot Inn! Even though the weather was hitting in the 30s and there was the occasional drops of rain, did that stop the crowd from having a good time? Absolutely not! I mean c’mon, even the security guard was head banging. With glove clad hands, these bands had the crowd partying through the night.

By Lauren Castro

Photography by Chandler Christopher

The opening act, FITNESS, is classified as a synth-pop duo and was the perfect warm up for the main band. The energy on stage between lead singer Max Collins and guitarist Kenny Carkeet was electric. Their interaction with the crowd allowed their humor to shine through as well. Between their killer dance moves and songs like “Get Dead” and “Kill the Rich”, FITNESS is definitely a band to look out for.

FITNESS jamming out at the Historic Scoot Inn on Friday evening.

FITNESS jamming out at the Historic Scoot Inn on Friday evening.

Playing songs primarily from their newest album 1929, Pt. 1, KONGOS is an alternative rock band consisting of four brothers originating from South Africa (not to mention, they’re all pretty attractive). With the crowd stomping along to the beat and the smell of alcohol in the air, the atmosphere was carefree and you couldn’t help but sing along (even if you didn’t know all the words). Not to mention, the Historic Scoot Inn added to the vibe with the string lights and open venue. To make the night even better, the playful feud between the two bands allowed the crowd to feel apart of an inside joke. At one point, FITNESS’ Collins came on stage during KONGOS’ set with his daughter on FaceTime...pretty sick.

KONGOS is made up of siblings Dylan, Daniel, Jesse, and Johnny Kongos.

KONGOS is made up of siblings Dylan, Daniel, Jesse, and Johnny Kongos.

While on stage, Jesse Kongos mentioned Buscall, an 8 part documentary series on YouTube that allows the viewer to see inside the life of the band. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to watching it during my free time.

KONGOS have faced a few challenges during tour such as their bus getting into an accident, but that hasn’t stopped them from providing unique music to all the cities they have traveled. Overall, loved them. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been listening to their album religiously since Friday. 10/10 would see again.

Best New Artist Nominees: Grammy Awards 2019

It’s no secret that most of these artists have been around for a while. Dua Lipa’s hits have been anthems for freshly heartbroken girls for a year now, and H.E.R. has been getting us in our feels since her collaboration with Daniel Cesar. These artists are just now being recognized by the Recording Academy. And it’s about damn time.

By Kennedy Woodard

Let’s start with first impressions:

  • Luke Combs: Luke Bryan circa 2005 is that you?

  • Greta Van Fleet: Note to self, play this when your having a breakdown and are starting “over”.

  • Chloe x Halle: Are these literal angels? Did God himself produce this song?

  • Dua Lipa: I didn’t just get out of a relationship, but I do have some new rules. Rule #1: Never stop playing this song.

  • Bebe Rexha: We’ve come a long way since that G-Eazy collab.

  • H.E.R: This is what the feeling of silks sheets would sound like.

  • Margo Price: BADASS.

  • Jorja Smith: My soul has been spoken to.

Photo from Billboard.com

Photo from Billboard.com

Luke Combs

I’m not going to lie, I am not a country listening type of human, so when hearing Luke Combs for the first time my initial reaction was, ‘hell no’. But, putting my biases aside this artists could be the next country music star. He has hits, “Hurricane” which has gone double platinum and, “Beautiful Crazy” which has a version with Leon Bridges. If Leon Bridges did a collab with him, then he is worth a non-country lover like me giving him a listen.

Photo from Rolling Stone

Photo from Rolling Stone

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet is not only cool AF, they are young AF. The band is composed of two 21-year-olds and two 19- year-olds. These kids will take you back to the golden ages of rock and have you thinking you’ve been transported to Woodstock. Their songs are perfect for a riding through Austin with the windows down, blaring so loud your speakers might burst. This psychedelic rock band is for the cool kids your parents warned you about.

Photo from BBC

Photo from BBC

Chloe x Halle

You know when you’re little and you imagine what entering heaven is like, picturing a chorus of angels greeting you with the sweetest harmonies you’ve ever heard? Those angels are Chloe and Halle. These young women are coming up to be some of the best vocalist of their generation. Not only are their vocal chords made of gold, so our their minds. They are avid activists and preach about loving who you are and your skin. This is black excellence at it’s finest. Plus, Beyoncé basically anointed them to the throne when she decided to be a mentor to the duo, so we better pay attention and bow to the throne.

Photo from imgnooz.com

Photo from imgnooz.com

Dua Lipa

If you’ve ever been to a club, a restaurant or simply turned the radio on, then you know who Dua Lipa is. She is becoming the queen of pop. Not only has she made a number of hits, she is a the coolest, badass woman ever. She moved to London at a young age to pursue her music career and now look where she is! Collarwith Martin Garrix and Diplo. Her music is for those who just need to dance it out.

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

Bebe Rexha

BeBe Rexha first came into national spotlight when she was featured on G Eazy’s song, “Me, Myself, and I”. Now, she is rising to the pop charts. She started off writing some of the most popular songs for popular artists like David Guetta and Rihanna. Now with a couple eps and a debut album out, she is becoming a radio regular. You might have heard her song, “Meant to Be” with Florida Georgia Line in which she showcases her versatility and dives into country. Watch out for her, I’ve got a feeling she has a hit coming our way.

Photo from The Fader

Photo from The Fader


H.E.R. bursted onto the scene when Daniel Caesar featured her on “Best Part”, a song that makes us all wish for that kind of love. Her voice carries a soul that is unmatched. She is taking the R&B world by storm and has put out multiple hits in a short span of time. Her music speaks to the soul and makes you breathe a little easier. Not only is she nominated for Best New Artist, but she is also nominated for Album of the Year, Best R&B Album, Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song. If you haven’t listened to H.E.R. (no pun intended), who are you? Plus Rihanna likes her which means we LOVE her.

Photo from Rolling Stones

Photo from Rolling Stones

Margo Price

Margo Price is the kind of country, folk artist needed right now. She is a full on feminist with songs like, “Pay Gap”, starting conversations on women’s rights. She is doing what all artists should be doing; using their platform to start conversations and open doors. With her talent and mind, she is on her way to becoming country’s new big star (move over Carrie Underwood). She doesn’t sing about her man and his truck, or how she’s gonna take a bat to her mans head after he cheats. She is writing music for the generation of women who are changing things. She is the new voice for women in country music.

Photo from Music Week

Photo from Music Week

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith has a voice that makes me want to drink wine in a dark, jazz club while wearing the finest black turtleneck. She’s the kind of artist you make charcuterie boards for. Her song, “Blue Lights” is what got her noticed by Drake and then put on his album. The song is a sort of call-to-action song about police brutality and how that affects young black men. She has gone on to release a debut album with hits like, “Teenage Fantasy” and, “On My Mind”. Something about the brits, they just get it right. She may give H.E.R. a run for her money for the new female voice of R&B.

BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “ruby” by Ben Khan

  2. “Mile High” by James Blake, Travis Scott

  3. “Jade (Feat. Blood Orange)” by Lolo Zouaï    

  4. “Monte Carlo (Feat. WET)” by Toro y Moi

  5. “Coming Alive” by Two Another

  6. “Longshot” by Catfish and The Bottlemen

  7. “Grave” by Summer Walker

  8. “Trampoline” by SHAED

  9. “MIDDLE CHILD” by J. Cole

  10. “mother tongue” by Bring Me The Horizon

Spotify Link

Photo from The Current

Photo from The Current

By infusing R&B vocals with pulsing electronic breaks, the London local, James Blake, has once again surpassed any expectations from the music world. In his latest record, Assume Form, he collaborates with hip-hop artists Travis Scott, Andre 3000 and Metro Boomin, giving his listeners a contemporary resonance beyond one musical genre. His melancholy yet sexy echoed sound is unique and distinctive making him an artist to check out this winter.

Photo from HumanHuman

Photo from HumanHuman

Underground yet upcoming artist, Lolo Zouaï, is the cultural blending future of pop music. Her vocals demonstrate her subtle, witty attitude and passionate songwriting. By playing with the lines of R&B and Pop music genres, her tone is sensual, powerful and honest. Her single released with Blood Orange that’s on our radar is an essential late-night jam this February. 

Photo from Capitol Records

Photo from Capitol Records

Catfish and The Bottlemen is the UK Alternative Rock band you need to be obsessed with. Their relatable headbangers somehow put you in your feels on the low, while collectively making you rock out with friends. Their music connects to fans across the globe and across age groups as a result of their intertwined 80s rock- and-modern alternative influences. Their latest single on our radar this month, “Longshot”, just dropped making their fans wildly on edge for a future album release in the coming year.

Toro y Moi Concert Recap at Stubb's

Toro y Moi graced a sold-out Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater Friday, January 25th to promote their new album Outer Peace and spread the funk to a city that has been backing the band for the past 10 years.

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Toro y Moi singing to the Austin crowd on January 25th

Toro y Moi singing to the Austin crowd on January 25th

BLEND’s Favorite Moments (in no particular order):

Toro y Moi recently came out with an album titled  Outer Peace

Toro y Moi recently came out with an album titled Outer Peace

  1. When the brainchild of Toro y Moi Chaz Bear thanked the city of Austin for supporting him through the band’s growth over the last decade.

  2. When Toro y Moi invited Kelly Zutrau of Wet on stage for their collab track “Monte Carlo,” where Zutrau showcased her high notes as Chaz Bear kept his sypher strong.

  3. Bear’s happy dance moves that kept the spirits high and the crowd smiling almost as much as he did.

  4. Hearing eight out of the ten new tracks from Outer Peace, which came out a week prior to the show, like “Fading” and “New House”.

  5. When Toro y Moi took it back to his roots with a performance of his first single from 2009, “Blessa”.

  6. Yelling in unison with Stubb’s to the band’s question of  “Who Cares about the party?” with “I came to see the band play” during “Who I Am”.

  7. When Bear invited the crowd to “get funky” before dropping  “New Beat,” a disco-worthy track from Underneath The Pine (2011).

  8. Singing along to fan-favorites “So Many Details” and “Girl Like You.”

  9. Seeing the joy of the  crowd entranced by the synth-heavy dreamy beats— I mean these people were getting it.

To relive the concert, check out this playlist for the full setlist of the night.

BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “Sticky” by Ravyn Lenae

  2. “Everything Apart” by Foxwarren, Andy Shauf, and D. A. Kissick

  3. “Mine” by  Leven Kali

  4. “Sometimes” by Goth Babe

  5. “What I Know” by THEY. (feat Wiz Khalifa)

  6. “Social Jungle (Hippie Sabotage Remix) by Herizen

  7. “SOLO” by JENNIE

  8. “SAYONARA” by Aries

  9. “A.A.T.” by SG Lewis (feat. Drew Love)

  10. “Wake Up Call” by Manila Killa and Mansionair          

    Spotify Link

Photo from YouTube

Photo from YouTube

Leaving his teen years, Santa Monica native Leven Kali, began an impressive burst into the industry with collaborations with large names such as Drake and Playboi Carti. His blissful style makes you instantly feel good in his track, “Mine”.  Keep an eye out for his name and new releases as his undercover status becomes known in 2019!

Photo from larimerlounge.com

Photo from larimerlounge.com

The British talent, SG Lewis, collaborates with many vocalists while serving us an electronic build that simply makes you move! His latest release, “Dark”, includes a genre fusing track on our list this month with his unique collaboration with Drew Love. This edgy, confident track is exactly what we all need to hear going into the new year!

Photo from metrotimes.com

Photo from metrotimes.com

Revyn Lenae escalating popularity as a low-key R&B singer caught our attention for this month’s list. Her soulful, groovy music is perfect for an afternoon with the girls or late night drive in the city. Lenae’s vocals are smooth and classy making her an undercover artist to check out!

A Guide to Austin Free Week 2019

To kick off the new year, Red River Cultural District is hosting their annual free week with concerts all over town. Check out the bands playing when and where each night.

By Blair Fielder


Tuesday, January 1st

  • Leather Girls, Go Fever, The Rotten Mangos, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Marfa Crush and Rival Waves at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Palm Daze, Sherry, and Groove Think at Mohawk at 7pm

  • Indoor Creature, Mary Bryce, Born Again Virgin, and Vonne at Cheer Up Charlies at 9pm

  • Me Mer Mo Tuesday + 3rd Year Anniversary at The Volstead Lounge at 6pm

  • Modular Sun, Fuvk, Camp Counselor, and Pealds at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

  • Fragile Rock, Honey & Salt, Tinnarose, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

  • Do Your Homework, Subverter, Cheeky Orange, and more at Beerland at 9pm

Wednesday, January 2nd

  • Ume, Darkbird, and Cosmico at Mohawk at 6:30pm

  • TC Superstar, SHMU, Chill Russell at Mohawk at 6:30pm

  • The Reputations, Honey Made, Whit, Lord Buffalo, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Catright, Fanclub, Megafauna, Glaze, and more at Barracude at 7:30pm

  • Sharks in the Deep End with Belcurve at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Tinnarose, Nevil, Lake of Fire, and Mountebank at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Big Bill, Sailor Poon, Pelvis Wrestley, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 8pm

  • Girvo, Glassing, Deep Cross, and Ell at Beerland at 9pm

  • Think No Think, Billy King, Ghost Wolves, and more at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

Thursday, January 3rd

  • PR Newman, The Oysters, and Lola Tried at Hotel Vegas at 8pm

  • Otis the Destroyer, Think No Think, Boyfrndz, and Megafauna at Mohawk Austin at 7pm

  • Duel, Amplified Heat, Sour Bridges, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Abhi the Nomad with The Bishops at Stubb’s at 9pm

  • The Reputations, Go Fever, Tinnarose, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 9pm

  • Horti & Friends with Slomo Drags, Belcurve, and more at Mohawk at 7pm

  • Super Thief, Leche, Ruiners, Dregs, and Luvweb at Beerland at 8pm

  • Spice Poon and Flesh Lights at Barracuda at 8pm

  • Tyler Jordan, Sherry, Spirit Ghost, and Dude Elsberry at Hole in the Wall at 7pm

  • Crema with Ulovei and guests at The Volstead Lounge at 10pm

  • The Singularity, Mr. Kitty, Lov3rs, and Boy Sim at Elysium at 8pm

  • Chillbill, The Naked Tungs, The Boleys, and Pelvis Wrestley at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

Friday, January 4th

  • Ringo Deathstarr, Narrow Head (HTX), Burnt Skull, and Chronophage at Beerland at 9:15pm

  • American Sharks with Not In The Face, Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, and more at Mohawk at 8pm

  • Soul Supporters, Mayeux & Broussard, JD Clark, and more at The White Horse at 8pm

  • Tiarra Girls with Los Nahuatlatos, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, and Huerta Culture at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Clyde & Clem’s Whiskey Business, Harvest Thieves, Worm Suicide, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Crashing in with King Louie and more at The Volstead Lounge at 7pm

  • Megafauna, Belcurve, Dinner with Matt Gilchrest at Hotel Vegas at 7pm

  • The Western Civilization with Marijuana Sweet Tooth, Whit, and Sprain at Mohawk at 8pm

  • The Stacks, Mean Jolene, Hong Kong Wigs, Pelvis Wrestley, and Cosmic Chaos at Hole in the Wall at 8pm

  • The Bad Lovers, White Dogs, Black Basements, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9:30pm

  • Dames and the Giant Peach IV at Swan Dive at 7pm

  • Nolan Potters Nightmare Band, Leather Girls, Hidden Ritual, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

Saturday, January 5th

  • Whiskey Shivers, Icing (Covering Cake), Madisons, and more at The Parish at 8pm

  • Ume, Calliope Musicals, Teddy Glass, A. SInclair, and more at The Historic Scoot Inn at 7pm

  • Ringo Deathstarr, Moving Panoramas, Why Bonnie, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

  • Tameca Jones, Shy Beast, Quin NFN, The Bishops, and more at Empire Control Room and Garage at 8pm

  • Swells with Night Cap at Stubb’s at 9pm

  • Scorpion Child with the Well, Eagle Claw, and Greenbreard at Mohawk at 8pm

  • Night Glitter, Deep Time, Blushing, Pataphysics, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 8pm

  • Christian Bland and the Revelators, The Rotten Mangos, Go Fever, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9:30pm

  • Communion, Lady Killer Richshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol, and Monte Luna at Mohawk at 8pm

Sunday, January 6th

  • Kathryn Legendre with Sour Bridges, Jomo,the Possum Posse at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, Temple of Angels, Hidden Ritual, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Harvest Thieves, Ben Ballinger, and Otis Wilkins at Mohawk at 7pm

  • DJs No Kid$ and Diggy Dutch at The Volstead Lounge at 8pm

  • Future Museums, Sun June, Daphne Tunes, and more at Beerland at 8pm

BLEND Attends the Austin Music Video Festival Awards

On December 8th, Native Hostel hosted the Austin Music Video Festival Award Show where the attendees walked the red carpet and enjoyed live performances by Shy Beast, Blastfamous USA, Chucky Blk, Le Destroy, Bourgeois Mystics, and DJ 2 Smooth Girls. Jeremy Roye and Anthony Erickson, the founders and directors of AMVF. emceed the award show for a full house eager to applaud the winners of the week long festival where musicians and directors from over 50 countries submitted their videos. Below is the complete list of winners:

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Instant Classic Award- TULIPS ft. Gill Bates “Tigerilla” Directed by Tom Noakes


Best Horror Video Award- Midas “Caroline” Directed by Michael Middle Middelkoop


Keepin It Weird (Best Experimental) Award- Bourgeois Mystics “Jan Pehechaan Ho” Directed by Diego Lozano


Best Narrative- C.O.W. “Shanghit Mone¥” Directed by Stef Zins


Overachiever (Best Student Video) Award- Gwenmarie White “Skjemt Blod” Directed by Gwenmarie White


Best Performance- Holiday Sidewinder “Leo” Directed by Thom Kerr (Ensemble)


Funny or High (Funniest Video) Award- Hider “Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing” Directed by ScaryJacks


Best Cinematography Award- EROSION “Black Dress” by Insightful Directed by Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler (DOP: Tim Sessler)

Best Director Award- Young Fathers “Toy” Directed by Salomon Ligthelm


Best Art Direction Award- Franz Szony '“Petunia” Directed by Franz Szony and Holly Hubbell (Art Director: Franz Szony)


Best Animation Award- Rulo “Pájaro Vagabundo” Directed by Francisca Silva


Best Visual Effects- CHINESE MAN “Golden Age” Directed by Frederic D’Ascoli and Annabelle Faustin


Best Interactive Video Award- Brightly “Rugby” Directed by Charlie Gleason

Music Video of the Year Award- Childish Gambino “This is America” Directed by Hiro Murai


Alright Alright Alright (Best Austin Video) Award- Big Bill “Last Meal” Directed by MJ Haha

.Paak House in the Park

It’s safe to say here at BLEND we are obsessed with Anderson .Paak! YES LAWD! Beyond his modern funk and R&B jams, .Paak has carried his persona of pure love and happiness for life with him while touring around the world

By Berkley Moates

In the past two months alone .Paak has dropped his fourth studio album, “Oxnard”, and entered his December with a Grammy nomination for best rap performance for his single, “Bubblin”.

Photo from paakhouse.org

Photo from paakhouse.org

With all this success bubblin’ up around .Paak, he has continued to invest in his fans, especially those who are underprivileged and in need of a little more happiness. .Paak took the initiative to create “.Paak House”, partnering with the Brandon Anderson Foundation, a two year old event that supports Los Angeles locals in need through musical, educational and spiritual wellness. .Paak inspires the community by speaking with members about his relatable past and giving advice about building stepping stones out of road blocks.

Photo from .paakhouse.org

Photo from .paakhouse.org

Early this December, the 2nd Annual .Paak House had an incredible line up of performers including artists Ty Dolla $ign, Thundercat, Smino and Schoolboy Q. The day filled with food vendors, music and other activities is built to create a “safe haven,” for those working through major life struggles and to offer a space to feel carefree and motivation to continue racing towards happiness. To learn more about the event or donate visit paakhouse.org.

Mac Miller's Spotify Studio Session

By Berkley Moates

Photo from store.warnermusic.com

Photo from store.warnermusic.com

It’s been exactly three months since the R&B and rap artist, Mac Miller, tragically passed away in his home at the young age of 26. His passing left a void in the music community around the world and is still taking time for people to comprehend. Spotify Singles released Mac Miller’s live acoustic session from their studios earlier this year as a continued tribute to his legacy. You can hear his warming yet nostalgic vocals in these recordings of, “Dunno” and “Nothing from Nothing”, in his session with Spotify.

Spotify Singles

Photo from rollingstone.com

Photo from rollingstone.com

Since Miller’s passing, a tribute concert was organized to commemorate his complicated yet beautiful life featuring some of his collaborators and friends from his years in the music industry. The list of top notch stars who performed and appeared at the tribute included Travis Scott, Anderson .Paak, SZA, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Chance the Rapper, John Mayer and more. The emotional and empowering event swept across the world through the online live stream collectively uniting his fans through their tears, memories and respect for his raw and undeniably remarkable musical legacy.

BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “Guiding Light” by Mumford and Sons

  2. “All Eyes” by Crooked Colours

  3. “Can’t Relate (feat. YBN Nahmir, YG)” by DaniLeigh

  4. “NOTHIN LIKE U” by KYTRANDA, Ty Dolla $ign

  5. “Right Now” by The Undercover Dream Lovers

  6. “count on” by Shallou Colin

  7. “My Own Thing” by Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp

  8. “Is Magic Gone” by FKJ

  9. “Cheers (feat. Q-Tip)” by Anderson .Paak

  10. “For You (feat. Tory Lanez & G-Eazy)” by Phora

Spotify Link

Photo from thatsmags.com

Photo from thatsmags.com

Under the name, FKJ (French Kiwi Juice), Vincent Fenton produces simple, low-key beats that melt like butter. His latest release, “Is Magic Gone”, appears on the radar this month as a subtle groove to add some chill to your December. If you’re beginning to study for finals in school or need to detox after work, FKJ’s smooth sounds will fulfill your needs.

Photo from Star2.com

Photo from Star2.com

Mumford and Sons, the British folk band, has continued to create rick and powerful albums fusing country, rock and bluegrass into their sound. Their latest album, Delta, has showcased the musicians’ incredible song-writing and instrumental talent in their ongoing collection of brilliance. “Guiding Light” is just one of their impactful, atmospheric tracks on the new record, and why it’s on BLEND’ radar for the month.

Photo from soundcloud.com

Photo from soundcloud.com

Crooked Colours, an electronic trio from Australia, is beginning to make waves with their eccentric sound. Their song, “All Eyes”, on our radar is the perfect late night, chilly car ride vibe. Their raspy vocals and upbeat flow have made them a hot act rising in popularity overseas. CHECK THEM OUT!

Concert Review: Her's

Dream pop group, Her’s, had their first ever New York show and managed to transform Williamsburg’s venue, Baby’s All Right, into a cozy, English pub full of old friends.

Written and Photographed by Miranda Chiechi

Playing at Baby’s All Right earlier this month was Her’s first time in the Big Apple.

Playing at Baby’s All Right earlier this month was Her’s first time in the Big Apple.

It was obvious how close the Liverpool duo, consisting of old classmates Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading are. The two’s quirky attitude and humor never fail to make the crowd laugh and make everyone feel like the pair’s old college mates.

Her’s released their second album in August of this year.

Her’s released their second album in August of this year.

The two shared everything from stories about their deceased cats to ex-lovers to whimsical monologues between songs from Laading. The band’s newest album, Invitation to Her’s, came out this year with popular singles like, “Under Wraps” and “Harvey”. Along with these new tunes, Her’s played old favorites from their debut album, including “What Once Was”. Her’s had a loyal fanbase in the crowd, but with Laading’s noteworthy guitar playing characterized by his vigourout dance moves and Fitzpatrick’s goofy facial expressions, it wasn’t hard to quickly acquire new fans.

Local Austin Artists to Watch: FROOOT

Originally from Mexico City, Paty Gomez-Palacio aka DJ Frooot is a young, electrifying DJ who is quickly rising through the ranks. Frooot began her career performing at house parties and schools around Dallas, but her move to Austin, Texas for college, provided opportunities for her to expand her reach. With two shows this weekend in Austin, Frooot is stepping up the game for local DJs for her mixing skills, surprising drops, and new music coming soon.

By Blair Fielder

Photographs courtesy of Matt Robertson


From her start in Austin opening for TroyBoi to her breakout performance at Abroad Fest in 2018, Frooot has risen to the forefront of the Austin EDM scene and won over the students of the University of Texas. Her debut single, “Cherry,” is just the start of original content coming from this college senior, and she told us that new tracks including “Blackberry”, “Pineapple”, and “Mango” are on the way.

“Cherry is a funky, fresh, and an above all sexy track. Combining inspired elements from some of the my favorite DJ’s,” said Froot, “‘Cherry’ is the perfect embodiment as to what the frooot flavor is. I am beyond excited to release the rest of the album.”

Frooot will be playing November 15th at ScratchHouse as a headliner of the “Loving Our Ladies” night featuring 19 female DJs across three stages. She can also be found at the basement of Zeta Beta Tau’s famed Pat O’Brian’s tomorrow night for a special, intimate set.


Frooot has performed with international acts including Alan Walker, Big Gigantic, Thomas Jack, GTA, Two Friends, and TroyBoi and held residencies at clubs throughout Austin such as Rio, Vulcan, and Ethics. Her victory at the Texas Campus DJ Tour DJ Competition in September 2017 landed her front page coverage in the Daily Texan and media attention from Verge Campus. With offers from Bagatelle Paris and L’Arc Club Paris, her sets are wanted world-wide due to her trilingual background and multicultural inspiration infused with Mexican beats and Parisian house.

For more information about her upcoming shows, check out her Instagram for more details.

BLEND's Hot Spanglish Hits

Whether you need to add some spice to your November or just need some motivational beats to boost your gym session, this list of current hot Spanglish jams will not disappoint!

By Berkley Moates

Photo from www.archynety.com

Photo from www.archynety.com

  • “Arms Around You (Feat. Maluma & Swae Lee)” by XXXTENTACION

  • “MIA (feat. Drake” by Bad Bunny

  • “Suncity (feat. Empress Of)” by Khalid

  • “Booty” by C. Tangana, Becky G

  • “Está Rico” by Marc Anthony, Will Smith, Bad Bunny

  • “Échame La Culpa” by Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato

  • “1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)” by Sofia Reyes

  • “Mi Gente (feat. Beyoncé)” by J Balvin, Willy William

  • “Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B)” by DJ Snake

  • “Baby (feat. Marina and The Diamonds & Luis Fonsi)” by Clean Bandit

Photo from Genius.com

Photo from Genius.com

The combination of the iconic Latin, multilingual, and American artists makes this Spanglish list fire! A variety of musicians including Marc Anthony, Sofia Reyes, Will Smith, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo and the one and only Beyoncé have recently been collaborating with their fellow artists to create sexy, bouncy beats! Any of the above songs will compel your hips to move before you even realize it. These songs are a great way to keep the sweat flowing during your workout or keep your party lively and energetic even when the November gloom persists outside. Songs, “Taki Taki”, “Booty” and “Mi Gente” are a perfect way to perk up your mood this fall! Add some spice and heat to your life with these fresh collaborations!

BLEND goes to the Brevet Concert

By Blair Fielder

On October 21st, The Brevet played their recently released album LEGS at Mohawk, making their presence known in Austin that they are a band to see live. The album stands for ““L”ike “E”very “G”reat “S”tory, and the inspiration came from the band’s time touring and growing on the road.

Frontman Aric Chase Damm explains, “Our band has been through an evolution these last couple years. We absolutely love the writing and recording process, but somewhere along the way, our focus shifted more towards touring and performing live, and the music we were creating just naturally started to reflect that energy.”


The highlight of the show was the hit “Moving Mountains,” which had the entire crowd participating in the soulful chorus, bringing the song to life. The Brevet’s ability to inject energy into their music gave their performance a special authenticity that is hard to achieve in the time of autotune and over-produced records. Their gritty, Americana sound is reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, but the band’s California roots give them a more laid-back sound. The concert concluded with “So Long,” one of the hits off of LEGS, as the audience clapped and sang along.

The Brevet is based out of California and got their start making music for film and television. You can find their music on all streaming services, and more information about the band can be found at https://www.thebrevet.com.

BLEND Interviews Two Texas-Based Artists That Should Be On Your Radar

BLEND got the chance to interview two up-and-coming artists in Texas. INTERNET FAMOUS, otherwise known as Erik Kruithof is from San Antonio, Texas. Darja, pronounced “Dar-ya”, is from Serbia, but moved to San Marcos, Texas to pursue piano performance at Texas State University. INTERNET FAMOUS is known for his energetic performances on stage, even getting the chance to tour and work with such artists as Mike Stud, Waka Flocka, and G-Eazy. Darja has established herself in the Austin area as a deeply honest singer/songwriter. With her background of musicality starting from the age of 4 she has traveled across the globe to end up in Austin to show us what she’s made of. They both were able to sit down and answer a few questions that BLEND had for them about their music careers.

By Bailey Whelton

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at SXSW, Photo by Kara MccLendon

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at SXSW, Photo by Kara MccLendon

Bailey: How did DJing start for you?

INTERNET FAMOUS: I had always tried testing new musical instruments and styles when I was younger. From playing the trumpet, freestyling with friends, to Writing and Recording my own Vocals. After helping promote my great high school friend/mentor G.C. (known as Helix) show at this huge underground rave in our hometown. DJ'ing sparked as a way to communicate & relate with more people and find a way to make them feel a sense of happiness.

Bailey: How did your music career start?

Darja: I’ve been playing piano since I was six. I studied classical music in Belgrade until I was 18, and then switched to jazz when I came to study piano performance at Texas State University in San Marcos. I would say my career started once I graduated and moved to Austin in 2016. That’s when I actually started writing more, playing shows, recording and collaborating with other artists.

Darja performing at Barracuda, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Darja performing at Barracuda, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Bailey: Who is your biggest inspiration that you draw from?

INTERNET FAMOUS: Family, my team, & my supporters. In my world with a lot of people who don’t want to see me win for whatever reason it may be, it's a blessing to count on the love and support from those who never switched on me from day one.

Darja: Everyday life. I write about what I know, so I’m constantly trying to learn something new, whether it’s about me, the people or world around me. I’m always exploring, both the outside and myself, and I’m not afraid of ‘diving in’, which, in my opinion, is a very important thing to do— especially as an artist.

Bailey: Where would you like to see yourself in one year from now? Five years from now?

INTERNET FAMOUS: One year from now, I would love to have many more originals, remixes, collaborations released, first official music video. I would also enjoy working with more festivals, clubs, & concerts in the remaining states we haven’t performed at yet and make my debut foreign country performance. 5 years from now I would like to have already toured a lot of the world in lands that I’ve always imagined to have amazing people and productions. Places such as Europe, India, the Netherlands, China, and many more. The more people I can connect and make a positive impact on, the better. I would definitely love to be able to provide for my family & people with what I’ve never had growing up.

Darja: A lot of thoughts started flying through my head as soon as I read this question, like: x amount of albums, Grammy nomination, beach house, etc. but then they just boiled down to one word— “happy”. I see myself writing a lot more music with amazing people that I’m already working with, but also meeting and working with some of the people I admire. I also see myself being a part of other creative projects, not sure which exactly right now, but my main goal is to remain creative and surrounded with good people I can learn from and keep growing with.

Bailey: What is one track that never gets too old for you?

INTERNET FAMOUS: "Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur”. Growing up he always seemed to relate with the struggles I’ve faced in my life. Most importantly I couldn’t be more thankful than to have my beautiful mom in my life. She might not always agree with my decisions but she always has my back, never judges & wants the best for me. 143 Mom.

Darja: “F*ck You” by Cee Lo Green. It makes me so happy! Every time. No matter how bad a day I’m having, this song always makes me smile, and that never gets old.

Darja cover art for new single “Alone”, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Darja cover art for new single “Alone”, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Bailey: What has been the most memorable night in your music career so far?

INTERNET FAMOUS: Oh that’s a tough one Bailey, We’re talking about over 1,000 night performances here. To this date I would have to say my first time playing in Colorado was literally everything I had ever dreamed it would be like. The cool breezy weather, the thousands of beautiful smiles in the crowd, the vibe was perfect, plus Waka Flocka performed too so you know it’s always a good time with the homie.

Darja: I should probably write about the most glamorous performance I’ve had so far, but I’ve gotta say it’s the late nights at the studio. Those are the times I get to express myself the most. Everything that’s been weighing on my heart, mind and shoulders transforms into a song. Sometimes, we end up talking about the meaning of life and art and something else we don’t understand and we’re like, “Wait, what were we writing about again?” It’s an amazing feeling getting to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with other creative people I love.

Bailey: How would you define your style of music?


Darja: I feel my style of music is ever-changing. It went from piano heavy singer-songwriter, through pop to electro-pop with hints of R&B. I’m always searching for new music to listen to, so that impacts my writing style a lot. People have compared my current style with Tove Lo, Dua Lipa, Sabrina Claudio, H.E.R., Sade and Alina Baraz, which I won’t complain about!

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at The Marc, Photo by Zach Villafana

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at The Marc, Photo by Zach Villafana

Bailey: What would you say is your favorite track you’ve created and why?

INTERNET FAMOUS: A year ago I would say “The Chainsmokers - New York City (INTERNET FAMOUS Remix)” because of the chills I had creating it. However,  my upcoming song “INTERNET FAMOUS - BOW DOWN”, which will be available on all music platforms, is now my favorite. Though I have more in the arsenal, it will be my first solo original ever released. It’s been quite the journey over this past year with many tough obstacles in my life, but with my focus always on the end goal I’m excited to be able to share this track with the world.

Darja: It’s always the last one I made, so I’ll have to say “Alone”. It came from a very personal place and the songwriting flow was very easy, since it was so close to home. I wrote it with Moses Elias and Robert Sewell.

Both of these talented artists are coming out with new music right now. Darja has just released a new single titled “Alone”. INTERNET FAMOUS hasn’t release his new single yet, but check out his remix for “New York City” by The Chainsmokers. Follow them both on their Instagrams to keep up with their music careers, @internetfamousx and @darjamusic. They are also both available to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “Butterscotch” by Robotaki, Jamie Fine, falcxne

  2. “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed” by Empress Of

  3. “Fuck They” by Sofi Tukker

  4. “Conversations with my Wife” by Jon Bellion

  5. “In Case I Don’t Feel” by Kevin Garrett

  6. “NO FUN” by Joji

  7. “If You Ever (feat. 6LACK)” by Nao

  8. “Loud” by Silk City, Goldlink, Desiigner

  9. “Superposition” by Young the Giant

  10. “Forgotten Love (Claptone Remix)” by AURORA, Claptone

Spotify Link

Photo from Instagram.com/sofitukker

Photo from Instagram.com/sofitukker

One of Sofi Tukker’s new songs, “Fuck They”, off their recent album makes BLEND’s radar this month with it’s energetic, electric beats that will instinctively force you to dance. The duo, who met in college at Brown University, were even nominated for a Grammy before their first album release. Whether you need to wake up on your way to work or a beat to keep your sweaty gym session steady, Sofi Tukker’s funky 90’s house-pop will give you what you need.

Photo from  www.roanoke.com

If you haven’t already jammed out to Young the Giant, this is your time to discover an alt band who makes you feel alive. On their fourth studio album release, the song, “Superposition”, along with the rest of their music, explores and demonstrates the wild adventures of life and making peace with ambitious relationships. Young the Giant is simply a necessity for any road trip you may be taking soon for the holidays.

Photo from www.thefader.com

Photo from www.thefader.com

The Hungarian-American artist, Empress Of, makes BLEND’s radar this month with her feminine electropop song, “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed”. The combination of her passionate and introspective lyrics with a solid pop base makes her music relatable yet danceable as well. Empress Of uses her ethnic background to add an extra flare to her music with verses of Spanish in several songs, making her definitely an artist to look out for.