BLEND goes to Mala Luna Festival 2018

In the parking lot of Nelson Wolff Stadium, young fans of hip hop music switched between two stages to enjoy the artists brought in for the third annual Mala Luna Festival. Cardi B performed her first full set since she had her baby, Tyler the Creator performed despite getting in a car accident a few days before and Becky G sang “Happy Birthday” to her brother on stage.

By Kaylin Balderrama

Although San Antonio is known for things like the river walk and having the best authentic Mexican food in Texas, the music scene has been picking up over the past couple of years. With venues such as the Paper Tiger, bands have been adding San Antonio to their tour spots. With the success of Mala Luna, fans may start to find themselves branching out from Austin to see their favorite artists.

Tyler the Creator by Alec Marshman

Tyler the Creator by Alec Marshman

Here are some of our highlights from the festival:

Photo by Kaylin Balderrama

Photo by Kaylin Balderrama

  1. Singer Nicky Jam’s whole performance was amazing. He included lots of backup dancers and confetti. Even though I don’t know any of his songs, I was dancing and just as energized as people in the crowd who knew every word.

  2. Cardi B seemed a little rusty during her performance until I remembered she just had a baby. Overall her personality was one of the best parts of the festival as she yelled “San Antonio I love your delicious Mexican food but I have been farting all day” after her first few songs.

  3. Wifisfuneral had a champagne bottle all to himself and about half way through his performance he said “I’m a little too drunk to be performing right now” and let his DJ play some songs.

  4. Tyler the Creator performing despite having just crashed his Tesla into a parked car didn’t stop his I don’t give a shit personality from shining through. A fan yelled from the crowd to start singing a song and he replied into the microphone “I didn’t know you had the pay-grade to chose my set list”.

  5. Tierra Wack, known for living out her name, had a purse full of candy which she threw at people in the crowd

  6. 2 Chainzz gave a shout out to all of the photographers in the pit (which never happens) and posed for us. I love him.

Our favorite pictures from Mala Luna 2018:

Photos by Alec Marshman and Kaylin Balderrama

At the festival there were multiple food trucks, food vendors and places to grab a drink including a Jack Daniels trailer. One of the best parts of Mala Luna Festival is how small it is compared to Austin City Limits or JMBLYA. When you enter the grounds, there is a lot of energy coming from the fans but you won’t be pushed and shoved by people around you as you try and enjoy the music. People could hop between the two stages easily without being too far back and the lines for the food was never so long that you had to skip eating to see a show. The festival tent set up in the middle of the grounds offered a great place to sit and relax while still being able to hear what was going on. Overall, this was a weekend to remember. I’ll be dreaming of you Cardi B.

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