BLEND Interviews Two Texas-Based Artists That Should Be On Your Radar

BLEND got the chance to interview two up-and-coming artists in Texas. INTERNET FAMOUS, otherwise known as Erik Kruithof is from San Antonio, Texas. Darja, pronounced “Dar-ya”, is from Serbia, but moved to San Marcos, Texas to pursue piano performance at Texas State University. INTERNET FAMOUS is known for his energetic performances on stage, even getting the chance to tour and work with artists such as Mike Stud, Waka Flocka, and G-Eazy. Darja has established herself in the Austin area as a deeply honest singer/songwriter. With her background of musicality starting from the age of 4 she has traveled across the globe to end up in Austin to show us what she’s made of. They both were able to sit down and answer a few questions that BLEND had for them about their music careers.

By Bailey Whelton

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at SXSW, Photo by Kara MccLendon

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at SXSW, Photo by Kara MccLendon

Bailey: How did DJing start for you?

INTERNET FAMOUS: I had always tried testing new musical instruments and styles when I was younger. From playing the trumpet, freestyling with friends, to Writing and Recording my own Vocals. After helping promote my great high school friend/mentor G.C. (known as Helix) show at this huge underground rave in our hometown. DJ'ing sparked as a way to communicate & relate with more people and find a way to make them feel a sense of happiness.

Bailey: How did your music career start?

Darja: I’ve been playing piano since I was six. I studied classical music in Belgrade until I was 18, and then switched to jazz when I came to study piano performance at Texas State University in San Marcos. I would say my career started once I graduated and moved to Austin in 2016. That’s when I actually started writing more, playing shows, recording and collaborating with other artists.

Darja performing at Barracuda, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Darja performing at Barracuda, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Bailey: Who is your biggest inspiration that you draw from?

INTERNET FAMOUS: Family, my team, & my supporters. In my world with a lot of people who don’t want to see me win for whatever reason it may be, it's a blessing to count on the love and support from those who never switched on me from day one.

Darja: Everyday life. I write about what I know, so I’m constantly trying to learn something new, whether it’s about me, the people or world around me. I’m always exploring, both the outside and myself, and I’m not afraid of ‘diving in’, which, in my opinion, is a very important thing to do— especially as an artist.

Bailey: Where would you like to see yourself in one year from now? Five years from now?

INTERNET FAMOUS: One year from now, I would love to have many more originals, remixes, collaborations released, first official music video. I would also enjoy working with more festivals, clubs, & concerts in the remaining states we haven’t performed at yet and make my debut foreign country performance. 5 years from now I would like to have already toured a lot of the world in lands that I’ve always imagined to have amazing people and productions. Places such as Europe, India, the Netherlands, China, and many more. The more people I can connect and make a positive impact on, the better. I would definitely love to be able to provide for my family & people with what I’ve never had growing up.

Darja: A lot of thoughts started flying through my head as soon as I read this question, like: x amount of albums, Grammy nomination, beach house, etc. but then they just boiled down to one word— “happy”. I see myself writing a lot more music with amazing people that I’m already working with, but also meeting and working with some of the people I admire. I also see myself being a part of other creative projects, not sure which exactly right now, but my main goal is to remain creative and surrounded with good people I can learn from and keep growing with.

Bailey: What is one track that never gets too old for you?

INTERNET FAMOUS: "Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur”. Growing up he always seemed to relate with the struggles I’ve faced in my life. Most importantly I couldn’t be more thankful than to have my beautiful mom in my life. She might not always agree with my decisions but she always has my back, never judges & wants the best for me. 143 Mom.

Darja: “F*ck You” by Cee Lo Green. It makes me so happy! Every time. No matter how bad a day I’m having, this song always makes me smile, and that never gets old.

Darja cover art for new single “Alone”, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Darja cover art for new single “Alone”, Photo by @alexparkermedia

Bailey: What has been the most memorable night in your music career so far?

INTERNET FAMOUS: Oh that’s a tough one Bailey, We’re talking about over 1,000 night performances here. To this date I would have to say my first time playing in Colorado was literally everything I had ever dreamed it would be like. The cool breezy weather, the thousands of beautiful smiles in the crowd, the vibe was perfect, plus Waka Flocka performed too so you know it’s always a good time with the homie.

Darja: I should probably write about the most glamorous performance I’ve had so far, but I’ve gotta say it’s the late nights at the studio. Those are the times I get to express myself the most. Everything that’s been weighing on my heart, mind and shoulders transforms into a song. Sometimes, we end up talking about the meaning of life and art and something else we don’t understand and we’re like, “Wait, what were we writing about again?” It’s an amazing feeling getting to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with other creative people I love.

Bailey: How would you define your style of music?


Darja: I feel my style of music is ever-changing. It went from piano heavy singer-songwriter, through pop to electro-pop with hints of R&B. I’m always searching for new music to listen to, so that impacts my writing style a lot. People have compared my current style with Tove Lo, Dua Lipa, Sabrina Claudio, H.E.R., Sade and Alina Baraz, which I won’t complain about!

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at The Marc, Photo by Zach Villafana

INTERNET FAMOUS performing at The Marc, Photo by Zach Villafana

Bailey: What would you say is your favorite track you’ve created and why?

INTERNET FAMOUS: A year ago I would say “The Chainsmokers - New York City (INTERNET FAMOUS Remix)” because of the chills I had creating it. However,  my upcoming song “INTERNET FAMOUS - BOW DOWN”, which will be available on all music platforms, is now my favorite. Though I have more in the arsenal, it will be my first solo original ever released. It’s been quite the journey over this past year with many tough obstacles in my life, but with my focus always on the end goal I’m excited to be able to share this track with the world.

Darja: It’s always the last one I made, so I’ll have to say “Alone”. It came from a very personal place and the songwriting flow was very easy, since it was so close to home. I wrote it with Moses Elias and Robert Sewell.

Both of these talented artists are coming out with new music right now. Darja has just released a new single titled “Alone”. INTERNET FAMOUS hasn’t release his new single yet, but check out his remix for “New York City” by The Chainsmokers. Follow them both on their Instagrams to keep up with their music careers, @internetfamousx and @darjamusic. They are also both available to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.