Blood Orange's Sold Out Show in Austin

Blood Orange graced Austin with their presence last Friday night at Emo’s. The indie R.&B.  group has been on the indie radar for a while now, but have garnered more attention with the release of the album Negro Swan, that came out last year. Texas welcomed Blood Orange with quite the enthusiasm, having sold-out shows at all of their Texas dates, including Austin.

Written and Photographed by Karla Bruciaga

You may be wondering what the hype is all about, so here’s a little background about the group if you haven’t heard of them. Blood Orange is a project that began in 2009 by musician Dev Hynes. Hynes is also known for his production work and collaborations that he has done with artists like Sky Ferreira, FKA Twigs, and most recently Mariah Carey.  


Even though Hynes is a creator of pop music, his own musical style is distinct in a delightful way. The show was a clear representation of this. Hynes and his band created an immersive experience that had the crowd in awe, but at the same time they maintained an upbeat energy that had everyone moving to the music.

The group played a lot of their new material from Negro Swan, but they also mixed in songs from past albums. Hynes fellow vocalists— Ian Isiah and Eva Tolkin, created beautiful harmonies with Hynes that showed the unity of the group. Dev Hynes has a flawless way of blending together classical music with R.&B., which is easier said than done.

The only downside to the show was that it passed by too quickly and when Hynes spoke into the mic “that’s it” everyone was left waiting for an encore, that sadly didn’t come.

If you’re interested in getting into Blood Orange, here are some of my song recommendations that were played at Friday’s show: “Charcoal Baby, “Champagne Coast, and “Jewelry.