Sharing Headphones is a Thing of the Past:

Ex-NFL Player Jason Fox founds the first social-focused music-sharing platform

Calling all music connoisseurs…you’re going to want to read this article. After playing six years of professional football for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, Jason Fox founded EarBuds, a real-time social music platform. EarBuds is a social music app that allows users to livestream from playlists they have curated on Spotify or Apple Music. Friends, followers and new connections can join to listen alongside the host. And, yes— it is completely free with a Spotify or Apple Music account, and you can save the music you find on the app back to either Apple or Spotify (ohhhhhh hell to the yes!). Even if you have Spotify and someone else has Apple music, you can still listen to/with each the war between the two streaming apps can subside (at least a little bit). As someone who considers music one of the most important aspects of my life, I can honestly say that this is actually one of the coolest ideas...ever. Kinda mad I didn’t think of it first.

By Kimberly Webb

Photos Provided by Jason Fox


Growing up, two of Fox’s biggest passions were sports and music; he wanted nothing else but to be a professional athlete, which he accomplished successfully. And now, Fox is accomplishing a way to connect athletes with fans by tying his two passions together. Fox thought of this creative idea one day about halfway through his career when he was warming up next to Cam Newton before the first game of that season. Cam had his headphones in and was getting in the zone for the game, and Jason found himself wondering what he was listening to during his warmups. Fox then thought to himself, ‘How cool it would be if Cam's fans could hear his pregame playlist? There are 80,000 fans here, and millions more watching at home. ‘ This is where Fox realized that a music social media app could really “connect athletes and their fans...or even just friends and family.”


“There are social platforms for everything these days,” Fox said, “but music has remained incredibly stagnant even though it can be, and is supposed to be, social.” Having always been the type of person to bet on himself, Fox set out to create EarBuds and give people the opportunity to turn into personal radio stations in complete real time and function as a social media app with messaging and collaboration. The business world and the sports world are often intertwined, and more recently, has tended to be with technology-based companies...and now, a few years after his idea, Jason just soft-launched the app in the app store. EarBuds already has some big names who plan to be on the app or who are already on the app, including Baker Mayfield, who did his first stream this past week.

“EarBuds lets my friends and fans listen in on my world. Whether that’s my pregame playlist, when I’m training during the off-season, or just hanging around the house. My music is their music, and it’s real. It’s real-time. It’s authentically me. I love it.”

— Baker Mayfield

Photo from Mayfield’s Instagram

Photo from Mayfield’s Instagram

So now, music fans of Austin (and everywhere else!!!), your call to action is:

  1. Download EarBuds on the app store

  2. Test it out and get your friends to do the same

  3. Give any feedback possible

They want to hear everything; EarBuds is a user first company. See you guys on EarBuds! I’ll follow you (;