BLEND Hangs out with Delta Sleep

For starters, Austin was NOT ready for this performance last Wednesday, at Barracuda. Delta Sleep, a band based in Brighton, England, absolutely killed their set and was met by an incredible audience that simply could not get enough of their sound. We took them out before the show to enjoy some Stubbs BBQ, drinks and to get to know more about them. The band themselves describe their sound as Alternative Indie Rock, but the Austinites may as well have described it as the music of the Gods. Seriously, the encore chant at the end was something out of a movie; completely thrilling.

By Judy Carroll

Photographed by Karla Bruciaga


Even though the band had only been in Austin for an hour, I still wanted to know what their favorite part about it was, and their answer was as relatable as it gets. The NACHOS. They meant chips and queso, and Stubbs BBQ definitely delivered on that menu item. I then asked what their favorite performance or show in the past was and why it was so great. The immediate excitement they all had towards this question let me know Austin isn’t the only city that shows them so much love.

“For me, my favorite show was the first ever show we played in the U.S. at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. It was the first time we had ever gone to America, so we had no idea what to expect and it totally blew us away. It was sold out and everyone was chatting and hanging out and singing along to the songs. We had been waiting for about four years to come to the U.S. so that was definitely the best.”

“When we came to the U.S., it just felt like the shows were so different than what we’d been used to. We knew we had somewhat of a fan base, but people were just going nuts and it was so cool to see on the other side of the world. I’d say a lot of shows in the U.S. have been some of my favorites.”


My personal favorite answer from the band was when I asked about any show rituals they might have for before or after their performances.

“More often than not we’ll all have a shot of tequila to get us in the mood, and we’ve just started doing vocal warm-ups as well.”

They then proceeded to do these vocal warmups for us which I enjoyed almost as much as the tequila comment. These guys are so light hearted and fun to be around, so I wasn’t surprised they liked to enjoy a little pre-show tequila. When I asked them what inspires them and keeps them motivated to put out their best work, they gave the most beautiful answer.

“I think most of us are inspired by creating honest art. Just trying to put forward something that means something to us and when we look back and we’re old and haggard, that we can be proud of it and our accomplishments. We can know that we made music for ourselves and for each other.”

I loved this because this really is what music is all about. Making something meaningful that will last you a lifetime. When you get to record and share it with your fans and loved ones as well, that probably makes it all the more special.


“Other things that are non-musical that inspire us are things like comic books and film. Visual media inspires me quite a lot and I think it reflects in the music and lyrics.”

This is my favorite thing about artists. So many components of everyday life, and so many other kinds of art, go into making something that is truly yours and something unique. Being able to play off of all of those different components to make something completely new, fresh and inspired is a feeling I think all artists search for. Lastly, I wanted the band to leave a message for their fans, because their fans are absolutely incredible and really showed out for this show. They danced, screamed, and sang along to every lyric on every song. So listen up.


“Message for our fans. Thanks for being f*cking awesome, cool, inspirational people. You guys are super friendly, like-minded people, who we’ve never known before, but whenever we meet you at shows, it kind of feels like we do, and that’s really lucky. Thank you for helping us facilitate our dreams and showing us so much love. You stay you.”