BLEND's Monthly Music Radar: April

By Berkley Moates

Photo from Indie Midlands

Photo from Indie Midlands

  1. “my strange addiction” by Billie Eilish

  2. “SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS (feat. UMI)” by Cautious Clay 

  3. “Superpowers (feat. GoldLink)” by Col3trane 

  4. “Lose My Mind (feat. Mr Gabriel)” by Jai Wolf

  5. “Cigarette” by RAYE, Mabel, Stefflon Don 

  6. “Kool Aid” by Sam Willis

  7. “Summer Love (feat. Matter Mos)” by Midnight Quickie

  8. “If I Know Me” by Morgan Wallen

  9. “Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Claire)” by Wallows 

  10. “Price On My Head (feat. The Weekend)” by NAV

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Photo from The Daily Listening

Photo from The Daily Listening

Recently, Austin’s beautiful spring weather has led me to binge listen to bands that make me feel like I’m cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down, Wallows has become one of those bands for me. The trio has been together since they were 11 but recently has gained traction from performing on several late night shows. Their sound screams All-American alternative rock band with a side of west coast ocean waves. In late March, they released a new album so be sure to blast it next time you go out in the sun.

Sam Wills

Photo from Instagram

Photo from Instagram

If you know me, you know it’s no surprise that some undercover UK artists make the radar each month. British born, Sam Wills, immerses American soulful vocals with splashes of UK infused beats. Imagine Justin Timberlake and Disclosure’s music having a baby, that’s the vibe Sam Wills creates. His music just makes you feel gooood!  Bring out his tracks when chilling with friends at Zilker or driving around the city.

Midnight Quickie

Photo from Instagram

Photo from Instagram

 Can we talk about the name of this group? Pretty genius right. Especially because this group of producers and lead vocalist from Indonesia will make you dance! After listening to their song “Summer Love”, on BLEND’s radar this month, you will be able to start pre-gaming summer early in April! All those summer feelings may flush back but the beat will keep you moving.