BLEND Interviews Lawrence

Photo from No Country for New Nashville

Photo from No Country for New Nashville

As I listened to the band Lawrence from my small apartment in downtown Austin I started to feel like I was dancing on a street corner in New York City. Clyde Lawrence and Gracie Lawrence are the coolest sibling duo ever and are starting to take the pop world by force with their soulful sound and style. They will be opening up for Jon Bellion at the Cedar Park Center this Sunday (the 30th) and BLEND got the chance to sit down with them and ask them a little more about what they do.

By Kaylin Balderrama

Kaylin: Tell me a little more about the band

Clyde: We are a soul-pop band from New York City. Gracie and I are siblings so we’ve been playing together since we were young in our living room. We first started at college shows and then worked our way into clubs and it kind of just snowballed from there. Now we’re just a group of eight friends and family members traveling around the country.

Kaylin: That’s so cool you guys are siblings! How has that been playing together?

Gracie: Yeah people always ask us that because I think when they first hear that they think that would be a nightmare but we honestly never really fought growing up like we’ve always been really good collaborators although you know we didn’t have the professional word collaborator when we were younger we have always worked so well together. We’ve been each others musical partners for our whole lives so it was a very natural transition.

Kaylin: So is your family into music too?

Clyde: Both of our parents are in the arts, our Dad works in film and our Mom is a dancer. We grew up around a lot of creativity. I think growing up being passionate bout music or being in the arts and seeing it as actually being a profession was always a part of our household. We were always supported when we were growing up.

Kaylin: That’s awesome. How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before? What about some artists that inspire you?

Clyde: We defiantly have some old school influencers and some new school ones as well. We love Stevie Wonder and that kind of soul music from the 60’s and 70’s. We’re into that super big, funky soulful sound. It’s very high energy like Earth Wind and Fire or Chicago. But then there’s also a side of us that are super influenced by singer and songwriters and some newer artists like Beyonce and Chance the Rapper. And of course Jon Bellion who we are so excited to be touring with and working with on some new music were coming out with.

Kaylin: I’m a huge fan of him too. I think it’s so cool that your parents were so supportive of you guys going into the arts and working together professionally, do you have any advice for other musicians who maybe don’t have that kind of support or are worried about taking a chance in the music industry?

Clyde: I think there’s definitely a stereotype of musicians that a lot of people think they kind of just aimlessly try and start a music career and a lot of the times it doesn’t work out. But there is a lot of strategy and I think if music is something you really want to do you need to be able to take criticism and rejection. You need to be prepared that you may play five songs you absolutely love in front of a crowd and maybe only one of them will resonate with them and if you want to do music as a hobby then rock those five songs but if you want to do it as a career you need to take those four other songs and go back in the studio and figure out what about that one song made an impact with the crowd.

Check Out Lawrence's brand new Jon Bellion produced single here: