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BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “ruby” by Ben Khan

  2. “Mile High” by James Blake, Travis Scott

  3. “Jade (Feat. Blood Orange)” by Lolo Zouaï    

  4. “Monte Carlo (Feat. WET)” by Toro y Moi

  5. “Coming Alive” by Two Another

  6. “Longshot” by Catfish and The Bottlemen

  7. “Grave” by Summer Walker

  8. “Trampoline” by SHAED

  9. “MIDDLE CHILD” by J. Cole

  10. “mother tongue” by Bring Me The Horizon

Spotify Link

Photo from The Current

Photo from The Current

By infusing R&B vocals with pulsing electronic breaks, the London local, James Blake, has once again surpassed any expectations from the music world. In his latest record, Assume Form, he collaborates with hip-hop artists Travis Scott, Andre 3000 and Metro Boomin, giving his listeners a contemporary resonance beyond one musical genre. His melancholy yet sexy echoed sound is unique and distinctive making him an artist to check out this winter.

Photo from HumanHuman

Photo from HumanHuman

Underground yet upcoming artist, Lolo Zouaï, is the cultural blending future of pop music. Her vocals demonstrate her subtle, witty attitude and passionate songwriting. By playing with the lines of R&B and Pop music genres, her tone is sensual, powerful and honest. Her single released with Blood Orange that’s on our radar is an essential late-night jam this February. 

Photo from Capitol Records

Photo from Capitol Records

Catfish and The Bottlemen is the UK Alternative Rock band you need to be obsessed with. Their relatable headbangers somehow put you in your feels on the low, while collectively making you rock out with friends. Their music connects to fans across the globe and across age groups as a result of their intertwined 80s rock- and-modern alternative influences. Their latest single on our radar this month, “Longshot”, just dropped making their fans wildly on edge for a future album release in the coming year.

Toro y Moi Concert Recap at Stubb's

Toro y Moi graced a sold-out Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater Friday, January 25th to promote their new album Outer Peace and spread the funk to a city that has been backing the band for the past 10 years.

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Toro y Moi singing to the Austin crowd on January 25th

Toro y Moi singing to the Austin crowd on January 25th

BLEND’s Favorite Moments (in no particular order):

Toro y Moi recently came out with an album titled  Outer Peace

Toro y Moi recently came out with an album titled Outer Peace

  1. When the brainchild of Toro y Moi Chaz Bear thanked the city of Austin for supporting him through the band’s growth over the last decade.

  2. When Toro y Moi invited Kelly Zutrau of Wet on stage for their collab track “Monte Carlo,” where Zutrau showcased her high notes as Chaz Bear kept his sypher strong.

  3. Bear’s happy dance moves that kept the spirits high and the crowd smiling almost as much as he did.

  4. Hearing eight out of the ten new tracks from Outer Peace, which came out a week prior to the show, like “Fading” and “New House”.

  5. When Toro y Moi took it back to his roots with a performance of his first single from 2009, “Blessa”.

  6. Yelling in unison with Stubb’s to the band’s question of  “Who Cares about the party?” with “I came to see the band play” during “Who I Am”.

  7. When Bear invited the crowd to “get funky” before dropping  “New Beat,” a disco-worthy track from Underneath The Pine (2011).

  8. Singing along to fan-favorites “So Many Details” and “Girl Like You.”

  9. Seeing the joy of the  crowd entranced by the synth-heavy dreamy beats— I mean these people were getting it.

To relive the concert, check out this playlist for the full setlist of the night.

A Guide to Austin Free Week 2019

To kick off the new year, Red River Cultural District is hosting their annual free week with concerts all over town. Check out the bands playing when and where each night.

By Blair Fielder


Tuesday, January 1st

  • Leather Girls, Go Fever, The Rotten Mangos, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Marfa Crush and Rival Waves at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Palm Daze, Sherry, and Groove Think at Mohawk at 7pm

  • Indoor Creature, Mary Bryce, Born Again Virgin, and Vonne at Cheer Up Charlies at 9pm

  • Me Mer Mo Tuesday + 3rd Year Anniversary at The Volstead Lounge at 6pm

  • Modular Sun, Fuvk, Camp Counselor, and Pealds at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

  • Fragile Rock, Honey & Salt, Tinnarose, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

  • Do Your Homework, Subverter, Cheeky Orange, and more at Beerland at 9pm

Wednesday, January 2nd

  • Ume, Darkbird, and Cosmico at Mohawk at 6:30pm

  • TC Superstar, SHMU, Chill Russell at Mohawk at 6:30pm

  • The Reputations, Honey Made, Whit, Lord Buffalo, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Catright, Fanclub, Megafauna, Glaze, and more at Barracude at 7:30pm

  • Sharks in the Deep End with Belcurve at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Tinnarose, Nevil, Lake of Fire, and Mountebank at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Big Bill, Sailor Poon, Pelvis Wrestley, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 8pm

  • Girvo, Glassing, Deep Cross, and Ell at Beerland at 9pm

  • Think No Think, Billy King, Ghost Wolves, and more at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

Thursday, January 3rd

  • PR Newman, The Oysters, and Lola Tried at Hotel Vegas at 8pm

  • Otis the Destroyer, Think No Think, Boyfrndz, and Megafauna at Mohawk Austin at 7pm

  • Duel, Amplified Heat, Sour Bridges, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Abhi the Nomad with The Bishops at Stubb’s at 9pm

  • The Reputations, Go Fever, Tinnarose, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 9pm

  • Horti & Friends with Slomo Drags, Belcurve, and more at Mohawk at 7pm

  • Super Thief, Leche, Ruiners, Dregs, and Luvweb at Beerland at 8pm

  • Spice Poon and Flesh Lights at Barracuda at 8pm

  • Tyler Jordan, Sherry, Spirit Ghost, and Dude Elsberry at Hole in the Wall at 7pm

  • Crema with Ulovei and guests at The Volstead Lounge at 10pm

  • The Singularity, Mr. Kitty, Lov3rs, and Boy Sim at Elysium at 8pm

  • Chillbill, The Naked Tungs, The Boleys, and Pelvis Wrestley at Swan Dive at 9:30pm

Friday, January 4th

  • Ringo Deathstarr, Narrow Head (HTX), Burnt Skull, and Chronophage at Beerland at 9:15pm

  • American Sharks with Not In The Face, Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, and more at Mohawk at 8pm

  • Soul Supporters, Mayeux & Broussard, JD Clark, and more at The White Horse at 8pm

  • Tiarra Girls with Los Nahuatlatos, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, and Huerta Culture at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Clyde & Clem’s Whiskey Business, Harvest Thieves, Worm Suicide, and more at Empire Control Room & Garage at 8pm

  • Crashing in with King Louie and more at The Volstead Lounge at 7pm

  • Megafauna, Belcurve, Dinner with Matt Gilchrest at Hotel Vegas at 7pm

  • The Western Civilization with Marijuana Sweet Tooth, Whit, and Sprain at Mohawk at 8pm

  • The Stacks, Mean Jolene, Hong Kong Wigs, Pelvis Wrestley, and Cosmic Chaos at Hole in the Wall at 8pm

  • The Bad Lovers, White Dogs, Black Basements, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9:30pm

  • Dames and the Giant Peach IV at Swan Dive at 7pm

  • Nolan Potters Nightmare Band, Leather Girls, Hidden Ritual, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

Saturday, January 5th

  • Whiskey Shivers, Icing (Covering Cake), Madisons, and more at The Parish at 8pm

  • Ume, Calliope Musicals, Teddy Glass, A. SInclair, and more at The Historic Scoot Inn at 7pm

  • Ringo Deathstarr, Moving Panoramas, Why Bonnie, and more at Barracuda at 7:30pm

  • Tameca Jones, Shy Beast, Quin NFN, The Bishops, and more at Empire Control Room and Garage at 8pm

  • Swells with Night Cap at Stubb’s at 9pm

  • Scorpion Child with the Well, Eagle Claw, and Greenbreard at Mohawk at 8pm

  • Night Glitter, Deep Time, Blushing, Pataphysics, and more at Cheer Up Charlies at 8pm

  • Christian Bland and the Revelators, The Rotten Mangos, Go Fever, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9:30pm

  • Communion, Lady Killer Richshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol, and Monte Luna at Mohawk at 8pm

Sunday, January 6th

  • Kathryn Legendre with Sour Bridges, Jomo,the Possum Posse at Stubb’s at 8pm

  • Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, Temple of Angels, Hidden Ritual, and more at Hotel Vegas at 9pm

  • Harvest Thieves, Ben Ballinger, and Otis Wilkins at Mohawk at 7pm

  • DJs No Kid$ and Diggy Dutch at The Volstead Lounge at 8pm

  • Future Museums, Sun June, Daphne Tunes, and more at Beerland at 8pm

BLEND Attends the Austin Music Video Festival Awards

On December 8th, Native Hostel hosted the Austin Music Video Festival Award Show where the attendees walked the red carpet and enjoyed live performances by Shy Beast, Blastfamous USA, Chucky Blk, Le Destroy, Bourgeois Mystics, and DJ 2 Smooth Girls. Jeremy Roye and Anthony Erickson, the founders and directors of AMVF. emceed the award show for a full house eager to applaud the winners of the week long festival where musicians and directors from over 50 countries submitted their videos. Below is the complete list of winners:

By Blair Fielder

Photography by Alec Marshman

Instant Classic Award- TULIPS ft. Gill Bates “Tigerilla” Directed by Tom Noakes


Best Horror Video Award- Midas “Caroline” Directed by Michael Middle Middelkoop


Keepin It Weird (Best Experimental) Award- Bourgeois Mystics “Jan Pehechaan Ho” Directed by Diego Lozano


Best Narrative- C.O.W. “Shanghit Mone¥” Directed by Stef Zins


Overachiever (Best Student Video) Award- Gwenmarie White “Skjemt Blod” Directed by Gwenmarie White


Best Performance- Holiday Sidewinder “Leo” Directed by Thom Kerr (Ensemble)


Funny or High (Funniest Video) Award- Hider “Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing” Directed by ScaryJacks


Best Cinematography Award- EROSION “Black Dress” by Insightful Directed by Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler (DOP: Tim Sessler)

Best Director Award- Young Fathers “Toy” Directed by Salomon Ligthelm


Best Art Direction Award- Franz Szony '“Petunia” Directed by Franz Szony and Holly Hubbell (Art Director: Franz Szony)


Best Animation Award- Rulo “Pájaro Vagabundo” Directed by Francisca Silva


Best Visual Effects- CHINESE MAN “Golden Age” Directed by Frederic D’Ascoli and Annabelle Faustin


Best Interactive Video Award- Brightly “Rugby” Directed by Charlie Gleason

Music Video of the Year Award- Childish Gambino “This is America” Directed by Hiro Murai


Alright Alright Alright (Best Austin Video) Award- Big Bill “Last Meal” Directed by MJ Haha

Local Austin Artists to Watch: FROOOT

Originally from Mexico City, Paty Gomez-Palacio aka DJ Frooot is a young, electrifying DJ who is quickly rising through the ranks. Frooot began her career performing at house parties and schools around Dallas, but her move to Austin, Texas for college, provided opportunities for her to expand her reach. With two shows this weekend in Austin, Frooot is stepping up the game for local DJs for her mixing skills, surprising drops, and new music coming soon.

By Blair Fielder

Photographs courtesy of Matt Robertson


From her start in Austin opening for TroyBoi to her breakout performance at Abroad Fest in 2018, Frooot has risen to the forefront of the Austin EDM scene and won over the students of the University of Texas. Her debut single, “Cherry,” is just the start of original content coming from this college senior, and she told us that new tracks including “Blackberry”, “Pineapple”, and “Mango” are on the way.

“Cherry is a funky, fresh, and an above all sexy track. Combining inspired elements from some of the my favorite DJ’s,” said Froot, “‘Cherry’ is the perfect embodiment as to what the frooot flavor is. I am beyond excited to release the rest of the album.”

Frooot will be playing November 15th at ScratchHouse as a headliner of the “Loving Our Ladies” night featuring 19 female DJs across three stages. She can also be found at the basement of Zeta Beta Tau’s famed Pat O’Brian’s tomorrow night for a special, intimate set.


Frooot has performed with international acts including Alan Walker, Big Gigantic, Thomas Jack, GTA, Two Friends, and TroyBoi and held residencies at clubs throughout Austin such as Rio, Vulcan, and Ethics. Her victory at the Texas Campus DJ Tour DJ Competition in September 2017 landed her front page coverage in the Daily Texan and media attention from Verge Campus. With offers from Bagatelle Paris and L’Arc Club Paris, her sets are wanted world-wide due to her trilingual background and multicultural inspiration infused with Mexican beats and Parisian house.

For more information about her upcoming shows, check out her Instagram for more details.

BLEND's Hot Spanglish Hits

Whether you need to add some spice to your November or just need some motivational beats to boost your gym session, this list of current hot Spanglish jams will not disappoint!

By Berkley Moates

Photo from

Photo from

  • “Arms Around You (Feat. Maluma & Swae Lee)” by XXXTENTACION

  • “MIA (feat. Drake” by Bad Bunny

  • “Suncity (feat. Empress Of)” by Khalid

  • “Booty” by C. Tangana, Becky G

  • “Está Rico” by Marc Anthony, Will Smith, Bad Bunny

  • “Échame La Culpa” by Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato

  • “1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)” by Sofia Reyes

  • “Mi Gente (feat. Beyoncé)” by J Balvin, Willy William

  • “Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B)” by DJ Snake

  • “Baby (feat. Marina and The Diamonds & Luis Fonsi)” by Clean Bandit

Photo from

Photo from

The combination of the iconic Latin, multilingual, and American artists makes this Spanglish list fire! A variety of musicians including Marc Anthony, Sofia Reyes, Will Smith, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo and the one and only Beyoncé have recently been collaborating with their fellow artists to create sexy, bouncy beats! Any of the above songs will compel your hips to move before you even realize it. These songs are a great way to keep the sweat flowing during your workout or keep your party lively and energetic even when the November gloom persists outside. Songs, “Taki Taki”, “Booty” and “Mi Gente” are a perfect way to perk up your mood this fall! Add some spice and heat to your life with these fresh collaborations!

Concert Review: Tom Misch

As the rain slowly died down to a drizzle, the sold out crowd at Mohawk this past Wednesday anxiously waited for multi-instrumentalist, Tom Misch to enter the stage. Fans with or without rain ponchos stood together in the outside venue eager to listen to his beautifully syncopated fused hip-hop and jazz acoustics. The British musician approached the stage after a few moments of atmospheric beats accompanied by the intense smell of rainy smoke creeping around the stage and out into the crowd.

By Berkley Moates

Photography by Alec Marshman

Tom Misch rose to fame through his original beats he created on SoundCloud.

Tom Misch rose to fame through his original beats he created on SoundCloud.

Beginning with the essential groove, “It Runs Through Me”, off of his recent album, Geography, Misch warmed up the crowd with his instinctively classy voice. This beat simply commands you to bop with the stranger standing beside you. In fact, every one of Misch’s songs conveyed an instrumental base that swayed the audience to vibe along with him for the entirety of the show. The band members and Misch seemed to play on stage as their consistent, teasing eye contact helped show off their personality as a band. The songs in the set, “Movie”, “Lost in Paris” and “You’re on My Mind”, purely seduced the audience. With Misch’s loving vocals and soothing acoustics, it’s difficult not feel deeply affected by the groove.

The bassist jamming out Wednesday night at Mohawk.

The bassist jamming out Wednesday night at Mohawk.

When listening to Misch, you can’t avoid talking about his outstanding rhythmic talent. As a musician skilled in more than one discipline, Misch is able to create a unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B styles to his work. Characterized by his poignant jazz guitar rhythms, Misch delivered much more Wednesday night. His performance left the audience energetic and warm, despite the steady drizzle, as he finished his encore with a genuine appreciation for the crowd’s support throughout the night.

Concert Review: BLEND goes to TOKiMONSTA & ZHU

On September 19th, EDM lovers from around the Austin area came together at Stubb’s B-B-Q to listen to TOKiMONSTA and ZHU.TOKiMONSTA who opened up the night with a huge smile on her face was ready to get the crowd hyped with her music. TOKiMONSTA, otherwise known as Jennifer Lee, is an LA native who has had a long journey when it comes to making music.

By Bailey Whelton

Photographed by Kaylin Balderrama


In 2015, Lee was diagnosed with Moyamoya Disease in 2015, which caused her brain to lose the ability to comprehend music. After reteaching herself how to play music, she began working on her album Lune Rouge which was released in 2017. To the average concert-goer on this night, you never would’ve expected such a hard journey Lee has been through. She kept the audience engaged with every song, jumped around on stage, and appeared to be so happy performing her music for this crowd. By the end of her set there was no one who wasn’t fist bumping, shaking their hips, or jumping to the beat.

Jennifer Lee, known as TOKiMONSTA, had the crowd dancing to her hip hop-electronic music.

Jennifer Lee, known as TOKiMONSTA, had the crowd dancing to her hip hop-electronic music.

After TOKiMONSTA’s set was over, the crowd waited in anticipation as ZHU’s team prepared the stage for him to perform. Everyone in the audience started screaming as they saw ZHU walk onto the stage with a big hat and sunglasses, behind a cloud of smoke. ZHU is famous for hiding his identity until mid 2014, asking his fans to judge him only by his music. The legend that we know today as Steven Zhu fully emerged with his debut album Generationwhy on July 29, 2016.

ZHU, who recently performed at last year’s ACL lineup, brought that same energy but a different set list to Stubb’s. His music is more in the realm of electronic-house which had a heavier sound to it compared to TOKiMONSTA’s upbeat hip-hop electronic music. Although ZHU is a DJ he also has a guitarist and saxophone player accompany him on stage and incorporates instruments into his songs.

Zhu plays to a sold out crowd at Stubbs.

Zhu plays to a sold out crowd at Stubbs.

ZHU’s new album RINGOS DESERT and TOKiMONSTA’s music is available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes. In ZHU’s album he collaborated with TOKiMONSTA on the song “Light It Up”, so be on the lookout for it. If either artists come to Austin again soon plan to be there, you won’t regret it.

BLEND's Monthly Music Radar

By Berkley Moates

  1. “Nonchalant” by 6LACK

  2. “Better” by Chantel Jeffries, BlocBoy JB, Vory

  3. “Fake You” by Yoke Lore

  4. “Ms. Communication” by Da-P, theMIND, Sun

  5. “Real Life S**t” by Buddy

  6. “In My Mind” by Dynoro, Gigi D’Agostino

  7. “REEL IT IN” by Amine

  8. “Pink Sand” by Cailin Russo

  9. “Sober” by Mahalia

  10. “Photosynthesis” by Saba, Jean Deaux

Spotify Link

Picture from

Picture from

Making his way to the top of BLEND’s list as well as American viral charts this September is 6LACK. The pronunciation of the R&B artists’ name is slightly controversial, although his name is simply pronounced, “black”. He dropped his second album East Atlanta Love Letter that beautifully collects songs with hard hitting beats and sleepy R&B grooves. The selected song of this new album is Nonchalant, a heavy beat, rap ballad with dark undertones. This song instantly places the listener inside a car looking out the window on the highway with chill in the breeze.

Picture from MetroLyrics

Picture from MetroLyrics

Yoke Lore is featured on BLEND’s list this month as an up-and-coming underground indie pop artist. Currently performing multiple shows in Germany and heading back to the US soon, Lore explores the boundary between steady electronic beats and high-echoed vocals in his song “Fake You” on his latest EP, “Absolutes” released a little over a year ago. The former Walk the Moon solo act performs with wild energy and passion. Wanna see Yoke Lore live? He will be performing at Barracuda in Austin on October 8th, so check out those tickets to enjoy an evening of lush indie music!

Pictures from

Pictures from

The female Alt-R&B artist Mahalia serves soulful, chill, empowering music. The rising underground artist from Birmingham, England just released her EP, “Seasons”. Her 2017 single, “Sober”, was featured on the YouTube channel COLORS, a studio that spotlights unique sounds and talent from around the world with aesthetically pleasing colors and visuals. The single redefines the typical “breakup song” as she mixes calm beats with female attitude.

Concert Review: BLEND goes to Night Cap

By Blair Fielder

As a crowd of University of Texas fans adorned in burnt orange fill the room at Stubb’s B-B-Q, it is evident that Night Cap, a local Austin band on the rise, has already found their audience. From selling out Stubb’s to having roughly 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Night Cap is “the band of the moment,” according to an audience member filming the set for her Instagram story, and she is definitely right.

Night Cap’s easy-going and soulful stage presence drew the crowd in and inspired fans to want to sing-along, even if they didn’t know the words yet. Their indie rock sound has both catchy choruses and relatable lyrics like their most-played song, “Everest”, that had all of Stubb’s belting, “don’t want to be alone” with a smile on their face, almost like a form of musical therapy. With strong influences from Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, the Strokes, and the Killers, Night Cap’s music feels familiar-yet-fresh, even when covering other songs like “When You Were Young”, “Electric Feel”, and “Semi-Charmed Life” that were all played during Saturday’s set. The dimly lit stage set the tone for emotion-filled tracks like “Mind’s Gone” and “Heat”, as well as Ryan King’s song intros that asked the audience to get into their feelings.

Not only did Night Cap’s music convert new fans, but also the band members won over the room with their approachable, yet cooler-than-average-recent-grad-laid-back style. King, the lead singer, playfully joked with the crowd throughout the set from celebratory cheers to an impromptu cover of “"Lose Yourself” by Eminem, that he made sure to acknowledge as “cringe” in case anyone thought he was serious. Later in the night, Alex Alfonso, the bassist better known as ‘Fonzi’, and lead singer and guitarist Jake Bomgaars took turns telling jokes as the crowd chanted for an encore. Their chemistry made me want to get to know more about the members of Night Cap, and by the amount of people walking up the stage to give them drinks throughout the night, I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.


To check out the band for yourself, Night Cap’s music is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes. Their most recent EP, “Petals”, came out over the summer and Night Cap is working on a new single coming soon. For information on upcoming shows, music, and more, follow Night Cap on Instagram, @nightcapatx. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more about these guys around Austin, such intimate shows like these are a gem to come by.